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WATCH: Hazing In Laguna Video Shows Family Of Hazing Victim In Laguna Cries For Justice


WATCH: Hazing In Laguna Video Shows Family Of Hazing Victim In Laguna Cries For Justice – Hazing In Laguna Video Viral on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram: A hazing incident took place in Kalayaan, Laguna which has left shocked everyone. Yes, you read it right and there is also a video of the incident that has been surfacing on the internet. The video of the hazing incident in Laguna has been watched by many. People have been reacting to this news. The news of the incident has also been making the headlines everywhere. The investigation of the case is also still ongoing serious. Several people have been searching to know more details about the incidents and the suspects of it. In this section, you will get all information about the hazing incident so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hazing In Laguna Video

Hazing In Laguna Video

As per the reports, seven suspects in the hazing incident in Kalayaan, Laguna who killed 18 years old Raymark “RR” Rabutazo, a neophyte of Tau Gamma Phi, remain at large on Wednesday. In an interview with GMA News’ Unang Balita, Kalayaan Police chief Police Lieutenant Erico Bestid Jr. stated two other suspects were also detained on Tuesday. He stated, “Actually, we have already conducted inquest proceedings yesterday. Two suspects were identified and arrested. Seven are currently at large.”

Hazing In Laguna Video Explained

There were two fraternity officers Venzon Benedict Lacaocao and Reyvince Espaldon who have been presented for the inquest at the office of the prosecutor in the province for homicide and violation of anti-hazing law charges. The victim’s father, Remil Rabutzo stated at least 23 fraternity members were there at the hazing venue. As per the medical-legal report, Rabutazo, a 12-standard student, was succumbed to subdural hemorrhage after he was struck by a blunt object on the head in the course of initiation rites.

Hazing In Laguna Video Viral on YouTube

It was reported that the victim was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician. On Tuesday, the Philippine National Police said that Rabutazo’s grandmother went to the police station on 20 March to report that her grandson, who was taken to the Gen. Callies Hospital got injured in the course of the fraternity’s initiation rites. There are more details that are yet to come about the hazing incident in Laguna. We have been waiting for more details about the incident, whenever it will come, we will update you definitely. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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