Home News WATCH: Hayya Hayya Better Together Lyrics Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube

WATCH: Hayya Hayya Better Together Lyrics Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube


WATCH: Hayya Hayya Better Together Lyrics Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube: Recently, a soundtrack for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the single Hayya Hayya (which means Better Together) has been released. The song was made by Aisha and Davido. Both have a good taste in music and both have a good voice. It was produced by RedOne in which they put the amazing tune along with the great vocals. When the song came out publically, it gathers much attention. The official song was available on YouTube with the name Hayya Hayya. Singers and creators have put so much effort while creating the song. Many voices have been put into this song. The voices belong to the Americans, Africans, and The Middle East. It symbolizes the unity of this world. It shows we are not different by looks, or by ethnicity. It represents that we all are one. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hayya Hayya Better Together Lyrics Video

Hayya Hayya Better Together Lyrics Video

Officer Kay Madati who was a member of the FIFA Chief Commercial says to this song that, this song symbolizes how music and football can unite the world. We were so happy to release this song. It was the first time that the song will be played in the tournament while viewers were watching the show. Also, the soundtrack will feature a multi-song collection with international artists showcasing diverse musical genres that span the world, setting the tone for a truly global celebration.

Hayya Hayya Better Together Lyrics Explained

Whenever people heard about FIFA they will be excited about it. Because in foreign countries, people love to play football. In every school, every garden. People love to play it. Whenever they get free time, they just played it. Recently, FIFA newly launched the TikTok channel with the username of @FIFA World Cup. On this account, they highlight the upcoming shows and give updates from time to time. This will update the audience and they are aware of it.

Many followers have followed the account. If you don’t aware of their account then we inform you. Although some followers did not show interest in their account to follow them. It depends on the people. Every people has their own rights to which person they follow or which they do not. On social media, everyone was talking to that song. Many people were giving comments on that song. Some were positive while some were negative. If any updates will come then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

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