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WATCH: Graham Linehan Father Ted breaks down in tears Video Viral on Twitter, YouTube, and, Instagram


WATCH: Graham Linehan Father Ted breaks down in tears Video Viral on Twitter, YouTube, and, Instagram: The maker of the comedy series Father Ted busted into tears as he asserted trans activists had cost him his wedding and his family prior to announcing that he had been “‘thoroughly canceled”. Bafta-winning writer Graham Linehan, whose credits include The IT Crowd, gave a rare interview to a late-night BBC talk show in which he stated his forthright views have watched his career pulled apart. The 53-year-old wept as he spoke to 5 Live’s Stephen Nolan that “They took everything from me. They took my family. Prior to this, all I was doing was writing comedy and playing board games, and being silly on the web. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Graham Linehan Father Ted Video Explained

Graham Linehan Father Ted breaks down in tears Video

“And then I just stated, “No, hang on a second, stop calling these ladies TERFs, stop sending them abuse. Let them speak” and for that they just destroyed me”. Mr Linehan stated that the media firms are now snubbing him while all of his showbusiness pals have turned their backs. He has even watched his stage musical version of Father Ted axed just as it was in rehearsals.

Over a number of years, Mr Linehan has discovered himself embroiled in online debates on social media networking sites like Twitter which watched him attacked by trans activists for his defense of the rights of women and the importance of biological s*x. In the interview, telecast yesterday, he admitted he never thought his view on the issue would sound the demise knell for the stage transformation of Father Ted.

Graham Linehan Father Ted Interview Video

He stated that “My original bet was that the (Father) Ted musical was too big to fail. “I simply thought, if they come after it, then that will be good as then people will watch how crazy this is, how foolish and how anti-female, how censorious, how homophobic that this movement is. So I kind of thought it would be OK but the more time passed… I was standing up, I was attempting to describe myself as clearly as possible, and when they could not come for me they came for my wife.

“I am living in an apartment now because apparently the pressure of all this drove my wife and me apart and we divorced because of this.” Last December, Mr Linehan informed the news outlet that producers at Hat Trick Productions informed him that plans for a stage musical of Father Ted could tumble unless he removed his name from the credits over suspicions that the show could become a target for trans campaigners.


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