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WATCH: Gorilla’s Bronx Zoo Video Gorilla Going Down on Another Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Gorilla’s Bronx Zoo Video Gorilla Going Down on Another Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A weird video went viral on social media which draws the attention of the viewers and puts them in the situation whether to laugh at this or get amazed. The word “S*x” is a taboo word that is not usually used publicly and when someone shows their love gestures in a public place everyone starts looking at them weirdly. Now imagine what if you watch the oral intimacy performing by two animals how will you feel? Weird right, one such scene was spotted in Bronx Zoo. Video footage of two gorillas who are performing oral intimacy in front of Bronx Zoo watchers and this video uploaded on social media and immediately went viral.

Gorillas Bronx Zoo Video

Gorillas Bronx Zoo Video

As per the report of TMZ, the meet took place on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, the social media users can watch in the video, the interaction of two gorillas beginning off quite innocent and their appearance drew an “aww” from the watchers. That is, up to it was clear that what was going down, no pun expected. Crowd gets amazed by the gestures of apes and the parents immediately closed the eyes of their children while others starting laughing at it and their laughter voices filled the room of visitors.


The onlookers looking at these apes simply attempting to live as normal of a life as they can in a parapet. For the moment, as others stepped away in the middle of what was going on, the person recording not only get night but also zoomed in at one point.

The videographer who shot the video told The New York Post that “I was shocked and seriously had no idea that was a “natural act”. I was in the exhibit of gorilla along with my 4-year-old daughter and niece… My wife had to remain out of the exhibit with my son who was sleeping, so I wanted to capture a lot of videos. When I started capturing the video I did not have the idea what was happening there and then this magic has happened.”

As unusual as the exhibit may appear to several, the bonobos, a somewhat smaller version of chimpanzees, have become familiar with their sexual behavior. The Post cites the book Bonobos: A Forgotten Ape from primatologist and co-author Frans de Waal, which states this species of anthropoids not only involves mutual masturbation and oral sex but also exhibits sexual variability.

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