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WATCH: Golden Retriever’s Loving Reaction to 4-Year-Old Is Melting Hearts Video Viral


WATCH: Golden Retriever’s Loving Reaction to 4-Year-Old Is Melting Hearts Video Viral: There is a video of a Golden Retriever having a close relationship with a special needs child who has been melting hearts online, the video has surpassed more than 4.2 Million views, it can be seen in the footage which has been shared on Tik Tok by the account naming  Goldenindiejoe. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Golden Retriever’s Loving Reaction Video

It can be seen in the video, the dog is in the bathroom and he is next to a youngster who has been sitting in a supportive chair, the adorable dog is then seen reaching out gently in order to pet the little girl’s hand, the overlaying text reads: Indie seems to be new to our family but he treats the special needs daughter pretty gently.

Indie can be softly pawing at the girl’s hand before he is seen resting his front leg on top of it, the animal is then seen nuzzling her hand and is licking it gently in order to show affection. She is a 4-year-old and has a genetic disorder, but loves dogs, all of them love this boy so much and he is the best dog.

@goldenindiejoeCaught this cuteness in 4K this morning ##dogtok ##goldenretriever ##MakeADogsDay ##myfinALLYmoment ##goldenretrieverlife♬ You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Anthem Lights

The sweet footage was captioned, caught the cuteness in 4k  this morning  #dogtok #goldenretriever #MakeADogsDay #myfinALLYmoment #goldenretrieverlife.

The adorable clip has been seen by a lot of people, it has attracted 937,000 likes and the video got posted on 22nd October, there are more than 4,800 people who have headed the comments section in order to share the opinions of their sweet moment, it seems there are so many people reacting to the video and everyone is receiving such positive vibes from the video, this is what internet has been made for, is to spread happiness among the masses by these cute videos.

The comments are just not stopping and we would suggest you watch the video if you are feeling a little bit low or you just want to smile a bit, it is amazing how animals and humans can build so much trust with each other and have a connection without even knowing what the other is saying, it seems like connection like these are made by innocence which both of them carry.

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