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WATCH: Giant Crocodile Attack Eats 8-Year-Old In Front of Friends Video Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Giant Crocodile Attack Eats 8 Year Old In Front of Friends Video Goes Viral: There has been a massive Crocodile Attack and it seems like that the predator has eaten an eight-year-old girl at the time when she was bathing in the river with some of her friends, authorities have found the remains of the young girl this Friday. The attack took place. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Giant Crocodile Eats

Giant Crocodile Attack Eats Video

The attack occurred when a girl naming Suci Ramadhani was bathing in the river water with some of her friends on Wednesday, it has been told by the officials that the girl has been attacked by the crocodile at the Teluk Kayeli district at the Buru island. A search and rescue team was assigned to the task, friends watched the attack happen and they were in complete shock when the incident happened. Giant Crocodile Attack Eats 8-Year-Old In Front of Friends Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Giant Crocodile Attack on 8-Year-Old Girl

How disheartening it is to know that the Giant crocodile eats a little girl. She was 8 years old and playing along with her friends. Later those friends of her rush to their parents and when they return to the same spot they saw that the crocodile has eaten a girl. this heartbreaking and terrible incident took place on Friday. The name of the girl is Suci Ramadhani who was bathing in the river and then this happened to her. In the video, we can see that the rescue team somehow manages to bring out her body from the crocodile’s stomach.

Giant Crocodile Eats 8 Year Old

This is going to be such a trauma for the kids who were helpless at the time as they saw their friend getting eaten by a crocodile, it has been stated that the locals quickly rushed to the scene after learning about the incident and they were able to stab the large crocodile with a spear while the head of the young girl was visible inside the mouth of the crocodile and the remains of the girl were not inside at the time.

Giant Crocodile Eats 8 Year Old In Front Of Friends

Her remains have been discovered earlier this Friday which has been stated by Namlea, the river is known for infestation of saltwater crocodiles, there were at least two crocodile attacks which have occurred in the past 10 years, such attacks are common from the predator when humans interact in locations where there are crocodiles, this kind of crocodiles are known as “opportunistic predators”.

Giant Crocodile Eats 8 Year Old In Front Of Friends Video Goes Viral

Unlike their close relative which are the alligators, crocodiles are more ill-tempered and they are more likely to attack humans unprovoked, they are also three feet larger than alligators and they have teeth that are designed to tear, they are meant for crushing the prey which means that the crocodiles are much stronger.

Who was a girl? Giant Crocodile Eats

There is another kid who is missing as of now, he is at the age of 9 and he has been missing recently, search and rescue teams have been doing their best in order locate the predator, on the first day of the searching, the team caught a crocodile but when they cut its stomach, they did not find the remains.

Friday is going to mark the second day of searching and the boy has still not be found, it seems like these crocodile attacks are likely to happen if you are going to enter an area which is their habitat, Parents should be responsible enough not to let their kids go near the river in order to avoid such tragic incidents, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.

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