Home News WATCH: Freedom Convoy 2022 Twitter Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Freedom Convoy 2022 Twitter Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Freedom Convoy 2022 Twitter Video Goes Viral On Social Media: The cross-border truckers that were for Mandate went onto an effect and this happened on January 15, and the rally is expected to take a week almost. It is making the news headlines on every media channel. On Sunday there was a protest on a federal vaccine mandate despite urging of the countries biggest trucking federation to comply so many of the truckers set off from British Columbia to Ottawa. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Freedom Convoy 2022 Twitter

Freedom Convoy 2022 Twitter

The protest takes over the “Freedom Rally” which has been against the federal mandate for cross-border truckers, and this had been in the effect on January 15. So it is mandated for all the truck drivers that they need to be fully vaccinated and of they wanted to be avoided for two weeks in quarantine. It is also mandated that before taking into Canada the pr-arrival test for the Covid-19. The Canadian Trucking Alliance and the American Trucking Association said that there had been 26000 of 160,000 drivers who made the regular trips all over the Canada I.S. border and they must have resulted from the Vaccine mandate.

This movement has been online to protest the mandate, with a GoFundMe raising money for the trucking rally which is raising over $2.5 million as of a Sunday. Candace Hill has given a statement that “so the main goal is that we are going to get and demand these mandates get stopped.” Hill used to speak from Delta, B.C, the supporters and the truckers had been seen together on Sunday. So before setting off on their cross-country trip. On Sunday night, the convoy is set for the meet-up with another, which left from Price George, B.C in Calgary.

Later the protesters were used to be supported by an anti-vaccine mandate and it was also included in Kamloops in B.C’s interior. 1She further said that “the mandate must have to be changed to fit our society’s lifestyle and also focused on the people’s liberation. Also, give protection to the people and even the support on the other side. Those who are suffering a lot and actually need protection and support.”

CTA president Stephen Laskowski has been given a statement, “the regulation is not going to make any of the changes, while as an industry there is a need to adapt and comply along with these mandates.”

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