WATCH: Forklift Accident Loren Schauers Video Footage Goes Viral On Social Media: Loren Schauers a teen who got crushed in half after meeting an accident in the forklift but fortunately survived the boy is a teenager just only 19 years. the accident is very fatal that it left him with no lower body when Loren Schauers driving a forklift across a bridge and suddenly veered off, fall 50 feet down, and get under the edge of a four-tone vehicle but the teen remained conscious throughout and remembers his hand exploded and everything under his hips is crushed. to save the brave boy he was taken to the hospital where doctors on the Loren Schauers agreement performed the life-saving Hemicorperectomy surgery, as everything below is waste is separated from him. Follow More Update On

Forklift Accident

Forklift Accident

Doctors were not sure if he will survive and told his family and girlfriend the same but Loren Schauers survived and his girlfriend thanked the god in tears and stayed in the hospital for the night. as they are dating for 18 months the fatal accident bring a couple closer and they recently got engaged and planning a wedding.

Loren Schauers worked as a laborer at a construction site in 2019 when he faced his fate when he was driving a forklift over a bridge outside of Wilsall, Montana when cars started passing him by wrongly jumping the red light when he came close to a car and he moved to edge of the bridge where the ground collapsed and he tried to jump stocking in seatbelt and swing with the machine. and the machine rolled three times and then landed on top of Loren Schauers.

Forklift Accident Video Footage Explained

Loren Schauers tried to stay on the top of the forklift as much as possible that time but he was thrown to the end of the hill by the forklift when it came to the ground after rolling and then the machine came on Loren Schauers making his eyes wide open as it pressed Loren Schauers lower body and left arm against the ground. but he survived because the ground us soft beneath him.

Defining the incident Loren Schauers said he was conscious throughout the scenario and watched everything and how all that happened crushed him. so far every medical professional who came to him is surprised by his survival and this condition of him not having a lower body is a big decision to take but it was life or death and he chose life. many people are inspired by his choice as many people commit suicide but he is willing to live even after losing half of his body.


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