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WATCH: Fauci Puppy Video Feeding Puppies’ Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Fauci Puppy Video Feeding Puppies’ Viral on Social Media: The national institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci has come under public attack over the torment which was funded by his agency, this is the chance for the president of the United States to bring change, it has never been clearer that the next boss for Fauci must be a pre-modern science and anti-animal testing. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Fauci Puppy Video

Fauci Puppy Video

The new reports have alleged that the Fauci National Institutes of health division greenlit tests in which experiments were done on Beagle puppies, in an experiment they locked their heads into the cage filled with hungry and infectious sandflies, the drug test was executed even though it is not required by the Administration to test drugs on dogs but they still went ahead and did it.

The dog experiment is just the tip of the iceberg, the rot is running deep in the system but PETA seems to have the solution as to what they are seeing and hearing, they are going to opt for Research Modernization Deal which is developed by PETA scientists, it is there to outline the failures of animal experiment and it provides a strategy for the elimination of such experiments.

Fauci Puppy Video Explained

It seems like NIH is mired with bad science which demanded animal experimenters themselves, these are the puppies that are getting tormented is just the silver of the full scope of NIH’s cruelty, PETA has been exposing it for years now, in the year 2019 while appearing in Tucker Carlson Tonight, the vice president of PETA naming Kathy Guillermo discussed how NIH cruelty wasted billions in tax dollars on useless and cruel animal experiments.

Fauci Puppy Video

It has been for months that PETA has been calling for NIH Director Francis Collins to be fired now, it seems like Collins is going to be out in no time, it seems like we have a rare opportunity to influence the course of scientific research in the US and we can help end decades of animal cruelty and to end these wasteful animal experiments.

Fauci Puppy Video

This has been such a big reveal and the people on the internet are totally blown as to what they are hearing, it seems like there is no doubt that the Director of NIH is changing as Francis has announced his resignation from the post, it seems like Biden’s inbox is getting filled with messages urging him to appoint a new director and to have animal-free research methods.

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  1. Not only does experimenting on animals cause massive suffering, it’s delaying cures for human diseases. Nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in human trials, according to the FDA, because experiments on animals cannot accurately predict how drugs will affect humans.

    Instead of tormenting animals in scientifically dubious experiments, we should embrace advanced non-animal, human-relevant testing methods such as “organ-on-a-chip” technology, cell-based tests and tissue models, sophisticated computer modeling and QSAR techniques, and others. These methods hold real hope of cures and treatments.


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