Home News WATCH: Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video Meaning Explained

WATCH: Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video Meaning Explained


WATCH: Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video Meaning Explained: A Facebook Whistleblower making the news headlines worldwide after her interview taken by the most successful television network “60 Minute”. Yes the interview of her has become a matter of talk. Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video, There are having a conversation all around the world about her points which she picks on Facebook copies of thousands of pages of research. It was taken on Sunday. People are also reach ting on it and they are coming forward on social media platforms to shoe their reactions on the same. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video

Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video

A name of a whistleblower is Frances Haugen, who is 37 years old and she has been revealed about herself. And she also walked through the issues she has been noticed with Facebook and the actions of the platform’s leadership. She was worked with Facebook as its civic’s integrity team battling misinformation. Before joining Fcabeeok she was working at Pinterest and Google and she has completed her education by grabbing a degree in Computer Engineering and MBA which she has been done from Harvard. She grabs the great experience from the last two companies and after that, she tried on Facebook.

Facebook Whistleblower 60 Minutes Full Video Explained

In an interview at 60 Minute, she said that “I have been seen many of social networks and found a facebook worst amongst the rest.” She has been copied tens of thousands of pages of Fb, secretly, and later all these were published in The Wall Street Journals’ which has been named as the Facebook Files series. In her 13 minutes of an interview we will get to see, she explained how Facebook increases divisive content. Here is what she said, “there have been numerous efforts made by the FB creators on how they could make more money by creating more .public related content.

In 2018 Fb made some of the most important algorithmic changes which lead to an increase in the problems. The content on Facebook has been focused on engaging content but the content o the platform has been not become hateful and divisive. He further added that Facebook knows if they will stop producing divisive content then People will not going to continue on t and they will be unable to get clicks on their ads and this lead to the loss for them. She ended up an interview by saying that, “Facebook is now turned off its Safety System that was there to reduce misinformation while there were 2020 presidential elections.”

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