Home News WATCH: Eurovision’s Maneskin singer Damiano Table Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Eurovision’s Maneskin singer Damiano Table Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Eurovision’s Maneskin singer Damiano Table Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Maneskin Table Video is currently in light as it appears in Saturday’s finals in Italy to perform on a new single supermodel, was accused as drug abusers when its lead singer Damiano David was snorting drugs off the table seen by the viewers present at home but after the Eurovision song contest, they won the finals of Eurovision 2021 after performing on winning song ZITTI E BUONI, had already traveled malta, France and Switzerland in the runup. but at last year’s finals, they emerged as the favorite of all in the hour of need and left behind their competitions in the vote count, and taste the winnings by performing on the song ZITTI E BUONI. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

maneskin table video

Eurovision’s Maneskin singer Damiano Table Video

Press conference held after the show he strongly denies the rumors, and Maneskin wrote on its Instagram “we are against drugs abuse and never took drugs. and to prove their claim they are ready to get tested saying they never hide things from their fans in another conference that day later Damiano came to BBC and said he was looking down at broken glass on the floor and was mistaken as Damiano taking drugs and vowed to a drugs test which came negative later. What Happened To Eurovision’s Maneskin singer Damiano? Accident Details Explained

Maneskin singer Damiano Table Video Explained

He also said on BBC that “it felt really offended, saying these kinds of things are outrageous and unhealthy for our life and carrier. adding they are young guys with huge dreams to pursue and a passion for music and these claims really affects our image to people and overshadowed our win which really hurts their sentiments. saying they had practiced for hours and years and were able to make it this far but such allegations of drug abuse will destroy their image in people and reduce their followers.

Affects the image resulting in reducing the vote counts that is necessary to win and appealing to the fans to not believe every news came to the surface very quickly till the real facts didn’t come to light. and continued enjoying success all over Europe and America. leaving the drug controversy behind. its almost one year since Maneskin won Eurovision, and again back on stage on Saturday night as their hometown hosts the show and able to rank at no 13 and chart success across the world, and they were nominated for many accolades at brits 2022, and also landed on the shortlist for international song of the year and international group.

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