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WATCH: Eugene Oregon Anti Mask Assault Video Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Eugene Oregon Anti Mask Assault Video Viral on Social Media: There are two people who have been arrested and they are being accused of assaulting a cookie store owner after they refused her to wear a mask in her store, there is a viral video of the incident, the incident took place on Wednesday according to the authorities. The video shows them entering the store in Eugene Oregon, it was told by the owners that they cannot come into the store without the mask, in the video, it can be seen that the man is asking her, don’t they offer services to the public, he cannot be seen as he is the one holding the camera and he is the one who is recording the interaction. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Eugene Oregon Anti Mask Assault Video

Eugene Oregon Anti Mask Assault Video

It seems like the state requires a person to be masked in order to come inside, this was the response from the owner, the man started arguing that the owner cannot deny him service under federal law while the owner tells her that she definitely can do this. The owner tells the pair to leave the store and approaches another person, a woman who tells the owner not to touch her, the woman tells the worst thing she can do is put her hands on her right now, she stated to them, they need to get out or she has the right to use reasonable force once she has asked them to leave.


The owner tells them to leave the property, the woman can be seen grabbing a bat and the people in the store can no longer be seen clearly in the frame as the altercation started off, after a few seconds, the store owner and the woman can be seen fighting with each other. The man who was holding the camera exits the store stating someone needs to call the police on the lady, the two women are still fighting with each other and the owner can be heard screaming. The woman exits the store eventually and the man states, She doesn’t have the right to assault people and run a business.

The video of the altercation has been shared widely on the internet, the video got posted on Twitter by Ron Filipkowksi which has been viewed more than 550,000 times, this is up until Saturday and the views seem to grow as time passes by, there are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with the further developments.

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