Home Entertainment WATCH: Emma Sarley Brooklyn Woman Fired Over Park Dog Video Goes Viral

WATCH: Emma Sarley Brooklyn Woman Fired Over Park Dog Video Goes Viral


WATCH: Emma Sarley Brooklyn Woman Fired Over Park Dog Video Goes Viral: Another video went viral on social media in which Emma Sarley who hails from New York was fired. She was fired by Bevy after she was arraigned for saying a black couple to be in their “hood”. This incident has happened at a Brooklyn dog park and her nasty behavior was captured in a video which was posted by Frederick Joseph and this video went viral on social media. In the posted video also shows Sarley attempting to smack the phone out of the hands of Joseph as he was recording her. Joseph was at McCarren Park along with his fiancee, Porsche Landon, which the incident has happened in Williamsburg on Saturday, 25th September 2021.

Emma Sarley Brooklyn Woman Video

Emma Sarley Brooklyn Woman Video

A New York Times Bestselling author and marketing strategist, Joseph made a tweet on Twitter in which he wrote that “At the dog park which is in Brooklyn I was with my fiance and this white lady was menacing to call the police and said to us “to be in our hood” as she had our dog confused with another dog who had been extremely loudly barking. So, I beginning recording and she attempted to slap the cell phone out of my hand.”

Sarley (28 years old) was identified by other users of social media after being dubbed the “Dog Park Karen” and then she lost her job where she working at Bevy, a  virtual conference and community events software platform company based in Palo Alto, which is in California, after its CEO gets to know about the viral video. Derek Anderson, Bevy CEO made a tweet on Twitter in which he stated that “Yesterday our one employee involved in behavior contrary to our ethics and values and has been fired. We deeply apologize to all involved. I personally hope some type of resolution can occur amongst the two parties beyond this and will assist If I can.”

Derek made further addition in his tweet in which he wrote, “Have a conversation with @FredTJoseph about his and his fiance dreadful experience from last night. really sorry to them for whatever has happened with him, No one has a right to treat people the way we watched. This is absolutely problematic.”

Sarley could not instantly be appeared for comment but she released a statement to the New York Post in which she said, “My mention and reference to ‘back to your hood’ only mentioned to some other dog park outside of this neighboring park. I was upset and frustrated but I wanted to make it clear that I had no such intention racial undertones in my comments. A short and thoughtless moment in my life has now left to countrywide hurt and outrage. For that, I am really really sorry.”

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