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WATCH: Ellie Garcia Video Uvalde Victim Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Ellie Garcia Video Uvalde Victim Goes Viral On Social Media: The whole world’s eyes were drops tears when we listen that 21 Victims have been killed in the Uvalde elementary School. these 21 victims have been killed in the Uvalde elementary School. this news gets attention from everywhere. People were shocked to get that 21 innocent people have died in the elementary People. A gunman entered the School Campus and killed 21 people continuously in the School. in the demise, people in the school student and School staff both were included. The police are still investigating the case and trying to find all the hands behind the massacre. When the student got the news that their children had been killed on the school campus that the most mourning shocked them. For a few times, even they could not understand what did happen to their child. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ellie Garcia Video

Ellie Garcia Video Uvalde Victim

Currently, on social media, a piece of news has been viral in which a father wrote a message to his 10-year-old innocent daughter. His daughter was one of the 21 victims who were killed by the gunman in the elementary school. Ellie Garcia was the daughter who was just 10 years old, and on social media, a piece of news has been viral regarding her very speedily. Her father wrote a message for her on his Facebook account. let us get the whole details about Ellie Garcia and her father’s message for her.

Ellie’s father shared a short clip, in which Ellie spoke lovingly about Jesus Christ dying for her. Her user name was given as Ellie Lugo. The girl is looking in the video too innocent, and her speaking way is getting attention from everywhere. Her father published the video when she is no more in the world. She has been killed by the gunman on her School Campus with other 20 people.

Ellie Garcia Uvalde Victim Video Explained

Her father wrote in his Facebook comment, ‘it is hard to issue out a statement on anything right now my mind is going at 1000 miles per hour… but I do wanna send our thoughts and prayers to those who also did not make it home tonight!!!” his father also continued his letter and wrote, “ Our Ellie was a doll and was the happiest ever… I was gonna DJ for her at her party like she wanted me to!!! Mom and Dad love you never forget that and please try and stay by our side Amor!!! Send Prayers to all Uvalde we really need!!!”

Ellie’s father wrote a very emotional message for her demised daughter, which would not become back and he always want to live her daughter’s memories.

On 24 May 2022, a piece of very grieving news came from the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde that a teenage student Salvador Ramos has been killed by the 14 students and a teacher on the school campus of Robb Elementary School. In the shooting in Texas 14 children of the school and a teacher have been on the school campus. This is one of the most attention-getting news now from the whole world. When the news came on this week everyone was very upset after getting the news. Salvador Ramos has been found the suspect in the massacre in the Texas School. 

A few days an 18-year-old teenager killed the 10 people in the New York Buffalo. As per similar exactly that a teenager this time also killed the 14 children and one teacher of the school. currently, few video clips have been viral on the internet those are claiming that the video has been shot in the Robb Elementary School in Texas. The video clips are getting viral on Facebook show how gunman Salvador Ramos as he entered an elementary school in Texas. So these videos are getting the attention of people from everywhere.

Governor Greg Abbott says 14 students and a teacher were killed in a school. the governor also confirmed that the shooter has been also killed, which was reportedly Salvador Ramos. On the day of the shooting, the government announced that 14 students and a teacher have been killed on the school campus but according to the new update Roland Gutierrez,  who is a state Senator stated that on CNN announcement 18 children and two adults are dead in the shooting of the elementary school in Texas.

All victim has been named now. One of the victims’ names is fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles. The teenager shooter has been also killed. He is no more now. Before entering the school campus Salvador Ramos also killed his grandmother at his home, and when he came to school. as he reached the school he apparently started shooting and killing the 14 children on the school campus.

Abbott said in a news conference, “ The shooter was Salvador Romos, an 18-year-old male who resided in Uvalde”. He has been killed by the security forces and he is not alive now. He shot mass around noon on May 24, 2022. Videos related to the shooting have been viral on the internet. Videos have been shared by the Elsa G. Ruiz Facebook account, and these are gone viral now.

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