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WATCH: El Cajan Plane Crash Video Viral On Social Media Leave Twitter In Shock


WATCH: El Cajan Plane Crash Video Viral On Social Media Leave Twitter In Shock: We are here with the most devastating incident and which is making the news headlines all over the world. A small plane has been crashed in an EL Cajon, California, and near San Diego. So the video of the incident is also getting viral on the web and many of the users are reacting to it. After watching the video many of the users are getting so impatient to grab more details about the incident. So you guys are on the right platform as you will going to get all the related detail of the same in the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

El Cajan Plane Crash Video

El Cajan Plane Crash Video

So in a video, you guys can watch that when the plane crashes there have been large flashlights and the crash has been captured in the video. The sheriff of the Sane Diego took to Twitter he wrote, “watch h Commander @sssolakeside is the one who has been deeply investigating this planned crash incident which took place in the area of Pepper Dr/N. 2mfd St. in El Cajon. Hence there have been injured people in this but these are still uncommon as the investigation is in the process.”

El Cajan Plane Crash Video Explained

And after the department also stated that “The fire was all over there and will going to take some time to process the scene. But @FAANews and @NTS have been notified and also gonna be take control over the investigation of the plane crash in @CityofElCajon. So we would like tri request to the people those who have photos and any other related information about the plane crash, so please send them to the email:witness@mtsb.gov.”

In a video, you guys will get to see that the plane was hurtling on the ground. And you guys can also watch the impact above and below. In a video, we can see a flash of light and also that the plane falling. It was slammed in the areas almost around 7:15 pm and it was a small jet plane. It took place on December 27.  And you will also see that the debris of the planes was made an impact t the homes which are near the incident spot. As the plane fell into many pieces.

Well, we don’t have any data regarding the death and the injured people in it. So you guys just have to keep some patience once the investigation reports will be unveiled we will be updated you on the same platform.

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