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WATCH: Dog’s Reaction Jealous To Owner Kissing Another Dog Goes Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Dog’s Reaction Jealous To Owner Kissing Another Dog Goes Viral on Social Media: One cutest video has appeared online which is currently receiving immense love from the side of netizens. An Alaskan Klee Kai’s jealous reaction to watching another dog getting attention from its owner has seized the imagination of social media platforms. A video showcasing the response was uploaded on TikTok by the user named lifewithkleekai. where it has garnered above than 19 million views already. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dog's Reaction

The video clip centers on 2 dogs, the first one a lighter-colored Alaskan Klee Kai named Copper and a darker-colored canine of the same breed whose name is Skye. As the video clip starts, an on-screen caption can be watched reading “Kiss your dog on the head and capture their reaction.”


He’s a drama king 👑 ❤️

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

In the video clip, their possessor Yasmin. starts the challenge by kissing Skye on the head and Copper is far from happy about it. The displeased and evidently jealous dog lets out a series of squeals to present his disapproval. Whereas Yasmin is quite fast to then show the same affection and love to Copper, the canine’s stand-offish stance later comes out to suggest he is still not best pleased.

The video is uploaded with a cute caption that reads “He is a drama king”. The footage was the source of much entertainment to admirers on TikTok and can be viewed in this blog. Several netizens shared their comments on this video. Some are given below.

Irshadjessa stated: “He was like ‘hey, hey, hey what about me?” In this video user, 1991_Nissan_r32_gtr commented: “He was about to throw hands if you did not kiss him too!”

Another user Princess Desiree imagined Copper stating “Can I get a kiss too mom” whereas cmbtokki thought he was perhaps screaming: “it’s better for you not forget about me.”

User jaxwritessongs mocking on it and wrote, “You can tell which one would be the emotional support pet and which one needs the emotional support.”

This video was viewed around 6.8 million times, Yasmin viewed what happened when she kissed Sype and Copper in a different order. Probably, unsurprisingly, Skye barely lodged the fact Copper got the attention of their owner first.  However, some netizens may laugh at the suggestion. previous studies on dogs have already proved that just like humans, dogs are also capable of experiencing feelings like the tendency of jealousy.

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