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WATCH: Derrick Henry Injury Video Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Derrick Henry Injury Video Viral on Social Media: There have been so many twists and turns which have happened on Sunday, it is going to be pretty hard for fantasy Football Managers in order to keep up with everything, this column has been designed to help, it is going to be providing with all of the storylines which you need to know about Sunday’s action, we are here to help you to kick start your research for the games which lie in the week 9. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Derrick Henry Injury Video

Derrick Henry Injury Video

The number one story for this week is far and away from the news of Nashville, it seems like Derrick Henry who plays for Tennessee Titans has been reported to be suffering from a season-ending foot injury, today he is going to under an MRI in order to determine as to how bad the injury is.

If the MRI is going to show that he has a Jones fracture, it is going to be an eight-week recovery for him if this is going to be the case, this news has gone on to create a ripple effect for the fantasy managers having Henry on their rosters and it is going to be difficult for the team too as he was the key player of the team.

It seems like the Titans can go on for trading a running back from a large candidate list which includes David Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Phillip Lindsay, Ronald Jones II or Mike Davis, as we talk about this week, Tennessee can always decide to fill the void in the house by making Jeremy McNichols as their starter.


Henry seems to be averaging 24.9 opportunities per game since the start of the 2019 season, whoever is going to get the chance to take over those touches is going to have huge shoes to fill and it is not going to be easy having matchups with Saints and Rams, it seems like this injury is going to cost them a lot and the players who are into fantasy manager and they have the player on their roster, it is going to be difficult for them to overcome the situation as they will have to go for extreme tactics in order to come out of this alive.

There are going to be further developments after the player is done with the MRI, it is going to determine the future of the player for this season, we will be updating you if he is going to be benched for the whole season because of the injury or is he going to have the scope for a speedy recovery, let’s see in the coming days.

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