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WATCH: Coke Studio Season 14 All Episodes Release On YouTube


WATCH: Coke Studio Season 14 All Episodes Release On YouTube: Here we are going to be talking about the new and the most appreciated series Coke Studio Pakistan and it is hitting the web also. The music lovers are so excited about the series. This is all set and premiered on the YouTube channel. This news is creating a buzz all over social media platforms. This has been premiered on Friday. So in this, the fans will get to enjoy the veteran Sufi singer Abuda Parveen and folk singer Naseebo Lal. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Coke Studio Season 14

WATCH: Coke Studio Season 14 All Episodes

So now let’s talk about the part of its fourteenth edition, so we are seeing that the first music video released is “Tu Jhoom”, written by the famous and profound writer whose name is Adnan Dhool, and it is even composed by Zulfiqar “Xulfi” Jabbar Khan. The vocal duets have been shared by Parveen and Lalthere were an array of instruments that includes Synthesiser, drums, tabla, bass, guitar, and Octapad.

Coke Studio Season 14 – Tu Jhoom – Naseebo Lal x Abida Parveen

After the first episode of the series that have been many comments and tweets from the viewers, Their reactions are showing that they are super happy and entertained also. They enjoyed the contribution of the veteran singers.  The universal praises by the Pakistani audience, they said that meeting a legendry singer is a moat appreciated and best moment have them both together on the single stage.

There is a clip that is getting viral all over the web and this s the most liked and appreciated one. So o the video you guys will get to see that both the legendary singers get to be on a single stage and grace each other with the respect. The song they choose to be sing over the stage is speaking about the selfless and humility. This interaction between the legends is amazing and hey was set the fire on the stage with their performance.

There are several tweets one tweet reads, “In this video, there is love, class, and respect in it. They set the most delightful environment on the stage and it is like we are witnessing the two angels who are well trained how to respect each other.” One more tweet reads, “season 14 of the coke studio is going to be launched today. This season has been going to start with an era. The artist and the brand team with my best wishes.”

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