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WATCH: Clifton Beach Fight Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Cape Town Teen’s Assault At Clifton 4th Beach


WATCH: Clifton Beach Fight Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Cape Town Teen’s Assault At Clifton 4th Beach: There has been a fighting incident that seems to be getting viral on social media and there are many pictures and videos which are coming from the fight at this point in time, Clifton Beach Fight Video, it involves Cape Town teenagers at Clifton Beach on Friday 1st October. There were teens who were flocking to Clifton beach every year to mark the end of the school term.

Clifton Beach Fight Video

Clifton Beach Fight Video

They also went there to celebrate the start of the festive season which was ahead of them, in one of the videos, there are several boys who seem to be attacking a boy while he is laying on the sand completely helpless, the video contains violence and strong language which are coming from the scene.

It has been told by JP Smith who is the Committee member of The City of Cape Town Mayoral for security and safety, the incident has been a minor scuffle between a bunch of teenagers who had gathered on the beach to have some good times. The rumors which are coming for the boy that he has died are totally untrue.

The officers at the scene were offering medical assistance to the boy but he refused to take it at the time, this has opened up a case, it was further mentioned by Smith, as we all head into the festive season, the COCT’S law enforcement agencies are on a high alert to confiscate alcohol.

Clifton Beach Fight Video Explained

They are also going to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid such incidents from happening, this seems to be a developing story and there are many details which haven’t been mentioned by the authorities as of yet, we are going to be providing you with further updates about the whole as the investigation continues on.

It seems like there were many teenagers, the boy was being beaten badly hasn’t come up with a statement as of yet, the family of the boy hasn’t even stated anything as this point in time, there are going to be further revelations in the case and were going to be here for you guys with the updates as soon as something comes under our radar.

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  1. This video is so sickening. That boy is another mother and fathers son and no child or teen should go through this type or bullshit. How many videos or photos haven’t surfaced where this is happening with our kids. Today’s youth are all out of control and it needs to be put to an end. We find ourselves in real hard times in which we should all stand together supporting each other for the sake of survival. I hope that if that boy or his parents don’t open a case that our government or the law will step up open the case and let those guys be brought to justice.

  2. I think the biggest problem is the government taking away corporal punishment to begin with, today’s children have no proper form of discipline because the law says parents & teachers can’t spank, shout or time out your child? So they are allowed to take their lives & doing into their own hands from a very young age. Police are allowed to abuse anyone they feel fit though because that’s not a crime, it’s only a crime when it’s coming from people who love you. We need a change in government if you ask me.

    • Wtf is wrong with you no these children were wrong but there’s no need for corporal punishment think what would happen kids will strike kids will die then history will repeat its self


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