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WATCH: Cleo Smith Video Australian Missing Girl Found Alive Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Cleo Smith Video Australian Missing Girl Found Alive Viral On Social Media: It seems like police have released the picture of Cleo Smith in the hospital, he is a 36-year-old man who is in the custody but there have been no charges which have been laid against him, we have been looking for a needle in the haystack and it seems like we have found one. It has been further stated by the WA police commissioner that the mayor stated he never lost hope in the case, she has been found and the way the girl is smiling, everyone is taking a sigh of relief and people seem to be pretty happy that she has been finally found by the authorities. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cleo Smith Video

Cleo Smith Video Australian Missing Girl Found Alive

Cleo Smith has been rescued by four police officers just before 1:00 am today, there was no one piece of information that led to her rescue, it is the result of countless pieces of data which the authorities collected to find the little girl, police never had the time to warn the parents of Cleo.

Cleo was taken to the hospital in the morning for a medical examination and it has been derived that she is physically well, one of the officers who were part of the rescue team has stated that after reuniting with her parents Cleo became a little Energiser bunny, she was having a lot of energy than any of the detectives who were completely exhausted.

There is a 36-year-old man who has been taken into custody by the authorities and he is helping police with the inquiries, the man was not a suspect but he has become one after the interview, he has no connection with the family, he wasn’t at the house when Cleo was rescued.

Police believe it to be an opportunistic crime and they are expected to lay charges later today, police were asked numerous questions about what the neighbors told them but the authorities decided not to comment on the story as of this point in time, they are not going to comment on the situation of the house and they have stated that the investigations are still going on.

Turns Holding Her

It has to be said that the girl is full of cuteness and her smile has kept the mood of everyone alive, she has won over the hearts of the people and the authorities and the officer were stating that they wanted to take turns holding her as she is so cute and of course they are going to be emotional about her as they have worked themselves up in order to put her in a safe situation.

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