Watch Celeste Barber Kylie Jenner: Celeste Barber Roasts Kylie Jenner In New MCoBeauty Tutorial Video: Celeste Barber has cemented her place for being a full-fledged beauty influencer and in one of her recent video tutorials, she is being seen mocking one of the industry’s queens, she is at the age of 38 at this point in time, she has also been unveiled as the ambassador for an Australian cosmetics company in the month of February.

Celeste Barber

Celeste Barber Roasts Kylie Jenner Video

She has treated the fans with an attitude of “NO BS” tutorials since they commenced the role, in one of her new promotional videos for the cruelty-free brand, Celeste went on to parody a Kylie Jenner Youtube tutorial as she was sharing MCoBeauty’s new range of skincare.

Celeste Barber

Unlike the 24-year-old beauty queen who has shared her picture-perfect daily routine which she performed in an immaculate pink bathroom, the video which has been posted by Celeste seems to be more relatable. The comic has adorned her bathroom with some pink accessories in an attempt of channeling her inner Kylie, she even has the same long pink nails but this is as far as the similarities can be seen.

Celeste Barber


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It can be seen in the hilarious skit when you wash your face in the real family home which is far away from glamorous, having kids who are knocking on the door, soap that is getting in the eyes, and losing a few nails in the process is far from perfection which Kylie believes in, unlike Celeste with whom I completely relate with.

She stated in the video, the first thing everyone should do before making a skincare routine is to go and find as many feathers as you can in your house and then you need to put them on, she begins as she started placing pink feathers around her wrist and her hand.

Celeste Barber

The whole three-minute video is a source of true entertainment, she has created an entertaining spoof of Kylie’s video, she has really shown why the audiences like her,s she is witty in the video, she is keeping a serious face, she was brilliant in the video and people are loving her on the internet for what she has done.

As she pumps up the product onto her hand, she makes a funny quip about its likeness when it comes to male body fluids as she is shouting, it is a boy, she also showed the audience how to cleanse like Kylie without including the price tag, after this, she went on to apply the $38 hyaluronic on her face and vitamin C serum and then she signed off the clip.


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