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WATCH: Castleberry High School Black Teacher Slapped By Texas Student Video Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Castleberry High School Black Teacher Slapped By Texas Student Video Viral On Social Media: There is a video that has gone viral on the internet, a Castleberry High School Teacher got slapped by a student, the video has gone completely viral and we are here to make you learn more about the teacher and the student below, Recently a video has gone viral. A white female student at Castleberry High School hits and slaps a black substitute teacher, she then calls her mom. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Castleberry High School Teacher Slapped By Student Video

Castleberry High School Teacher Slapped By Student Video

There is a video that is surfacing on the internet about a Castleberry High School teacher who got slapped by a student that has been revealed all over the internet, this first got posted on Reddit, it shows a teacher who got slapped by one of the female students in her class.

The incident has taken place at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth Texas, later on, she calls her mom and explains that the reason why she did it, she mentions she did it because she is Black and that she has been pissing her off, the student has been caught using offensive words and throwing her phone at the teacher.

It appears that the video has been captured by one of the students in the class, people have been passing generic comments on school, one of them has commented, it seems like this is how Castleberry High School teachers are getting treated by the kids, this is a shame that there are still people who are coming up as racist. A teacher who seems to be a black lady was a substitute teacher, meanwhile the student in white, there is not much information about the teacher and the student as of this point in time, it seems like the authorities are on their toes and they are going to be investigating the case.

There are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks, this has happened pretty recently and the investigation in the case is still going on, the authorities are going to come up with further developments and we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with the latest updates as soon as something comes under our radar. judging from the video it seems like she has been a complete nuisance to the teacher and she was being pretty disrespectful towards the teacher, it seems like the school and the kid are facing a lot of backlash from the public.

Texas Student Black Teacher Video

A video has been hitting the internet and getting much attention from the netizens. The video is a little disturbing as its shows a student who is racially abusing her teacher. The video has been circulating on the internet widely and several netizens have watched the video People has been criticizing the student and also sharing their opinion on the matter. The netizens are also seeking details of the video. In this article, we are going to explain the whole situation and the matter so stay tuned.

Recently, a video started going viral on Twitter and gained a huge response over it. In the video, It has been shown that a student has been racially abusing her teacher. The video was recorded in a classroom by another student. The unidentified female student from Castleberry High School, Texas has shocked everyone with her behavior with the teacher. The video begins with the student who walks towards the teacher when the teacher was about to make a call but the student cuts the call. Then the teacher tries to side her hand from the phone, meanwhile, the student hit her on her arm.

The other students scream at it. Still, he keeps calm and only said, “No, no, no, You touched me. I did not touch you!” The student got physical with her teacher as she was black and also passed racial slurs. Since the video went viral on Twitter the users are continuously expressing their aggression on the matter. The netizens are saying that such kind of behavior should not be tolerated. However, the school authorities have not passed any statement yet regarding the matter. If you want to keep updated with further updates then stay tuned with us.

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