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WATCH: Carro Armato Schiaccia Auto Video – Russian Tank Crushes Cars Video Explained


WATCH: Carro Armato Schiaccia Auto Video – Russian Tank Crushes Cars Video Explained: If you were aware on social media, on the TV news channels that everybody is talking about Russia and Ukraine. Things are not going well between the two countries. A war-like situation has been created between both countries. There was a video that is getting viral on social media. The video was Tank and a civilian car. A Russian tank running over a car has gone viral in just a few hours which shows the harsh reality of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Russian Tank Crushes Cars Video Explained

Carro Armato Schiaccia Auto Video

You will be wondering why the video is getting viral. Then we explain to you that a Russian tank swerves & runs over the civilian car. People were shocked and they can’t even imagine what is wrong with the tank. Within a few hours, reactions came from all over the world. It was unimaginable to predict how a tank sharply turns it and crushed the civilian car. Many were angry with him. People give abusive language to the driver whoever has done this, and they have negative opinions in their minds towards the military.

But they can’t do anything because the whole matter is in the hands of the government. If both the countries’ relations are good then there is a chance that the matter will sort out otherwise not. Many people have recorded the video on their phones and sent them to everyone as much as they could. Social media once again become the tool basis for seeing how things really are.

Russian Tank Crushes Cars Video Explained

Talking about the car driver, a retired Ukrainian living in Kiev was rescued by passers-by who came to his aid. The car driver has got some injuries but he is not getting major injuries. He is out of danger. However, some of you even ask why does the tank take this step. Then we also don’t have a solid answer. We have tried many times to ask but we don’t get any chance to talk with him.


The tank driver is still unknown. We didn’t get any chance to interview him. If we take a closer look at the tv news channels, social media then it becomes very difficult to see what was the truth what was not. Because everybody’s answers and questions were different. In the video, you can see how the tank has brutally changed the shape of the vehicle. It was luck that the car driver survived otherwise it will be hard for anyone who can survive from the tank.

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