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WATCH: Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks Video Viral On Twitter and YouTube


WATCH: Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks Video Viral On Twitter and YouTube: It has been confirmed that a 200-meter long ship named Felicity Ace sank in the Atlantic waters on Tuesday and that ship was carrying various luxury expensive cars this news has been affirmed by many associated companies and authorities. According to the reports, the giant cardo ship was heading towards the United States of America that was bound from Germany. Since this news broke out on the internet people are showing their interest on a large scale, this news is creating a buzz on social media platforms keep reading this article till the last to explore the incident in detail as we have written much more about this incident in the given below section. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks Video

Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks Video

Based on the report provided by the Portuguese navy officer, the Felicity Ace ship was set on fire after 13 days of the departure from the seaport. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, and some other luxury cars were on board. After coming across the loss news Volkswagen company said last week that the company will recover the damage to the cars by insurance policies and Volkswagen also affirmed the news of Felicity Ace’s sinking in Atlantic waters. Follow the further section to learn about the statement released by the respective insurance company on the ship sink.

The expert of the respective insurance company said due to this incident company could suffer a loss of about $155 million. MOL Ship Management a Singapore-based company stated that the Ace ship sank 250 miles away from the Azores, Portugal when rescue teams extinguish the fire and towed it away. The captain of the ship said the cargo ship crashed before sinking in the sea and this happen due to the problem caused by rough seas and fire on the board.

It is confirmed by the Navy Department of Portugal that Felicity Ace was sunk at the depth of 30,000 feet off the coast of Portugal. Total 22 ship members were evacuated from the air Force helicopter of Portugal when the problem was caused by the fire that cause the sinking of the ship. For now, it is yet to be confirmed how many vehicles were there on the ship at the time of the incident but it is known that the Felicity Ace ship can carry nearly 4000 vehicles. Keep visiting our web page for more such news articles and read other world news in one place.

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