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WATCH: Canadian Player Blayre Turnbull Injury Video Goes Viral In Gold Medal Celebration


Well, to state the game which took place between the United States and Canada on Tuesday night was a crazy game is going to be an understatement for the match, Marie Philip Poulin went on to score in overtime to help the Canadian team to get their first gold at the Women’s World Hockey championship.

Blayre Turnbull Injury Video

Blayre Turnbull Injury Video

This is has happened after 8 years but the referees on the ice didn’t think the puck entered the net and as a result of that, play continued for about 40 seconds before there was a signal signaling to the puck indeed crossing the line and it turned out to be the reason for the wild celebration of the Canadian team.

The alternate captain for the team which is Blayre Turnbull was present on the ice when the buzzer went and she was the first one to toss off her gloves and she went on to leap into the arms of the goalie naming Ann-Renee Desbiens. It seems like the 28-year-old suffered from an injury as she fell awkwardly while she was trying to hug which has been confirmed as a broken Fibula.

Celebrations were on the full course and as the teammates jumped on top of Turnbull, one of her fellow teammates naming Melodie Daoust pulled out her injured teammate from the dogpile into the corner, the trainers met her at the time and they assisted her with ice and took her back to the locker room for some further evaluation.

She missed out on the medal presentation, someone brought her medal to the locker room and she was then wheeled back on the ice as she was on a stretcher to celebrate with her teammates. She emerged from the tunnel and had the most embarrassing smile on her face at the time but she was also full of joy, she was carrying the biggest smile on her face at the time.

Even though no one likes a player getting injured and that too at the time of celebration but her attitude was top-notch to the whole situation, she was taking the whole scenario in a laughable manner which is something many people are not capable of. She missed out on the medal presentation but she got back in time to sing the national anthem of their proud nation which is Canada.

It is being expected, she is going to be back on the court after 6-8 weeks and as the winter Olympics are approaching in the year 2022 which seems to be 5 months away, she’ll be good to go until the time comes.

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