WATCH Burari Deaths Viral Video Leaked on Social Media: Viewers Of ‘House Of Secrets’ Issue Trigger Warning: There has been a leak of a video which is surrounded by too many speculations and theories, we don’t think anyone can ever imagine what the authorities found when they got alerted to a distributing crime scene which took place in Burari in India. There were 11 members in the Bhatia family who were found dead in their home which has been seemingly addressed as mass suicide, it seems like Netflix’s House of secrets: the Burari deaths is a three-part documentary that is going to take you to the place where you don’t want to go.
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Burari Deaths Viral Video

Burari Deaths Viral Video

A spine-chilling incident has happened in the month of July 2018 is again drawing the attention of mass media. A family of eleven people killed themselves by hanging in a neighborhood named Burari which is in Delhi. “House Of Secrets”, this 3rd episode of popular Netflix series created by Leena Yadav, is about a mystery that sent a shudder throughout Delhi. During the investigation, it was firstly appeared like committing suicide had a hint of crime in it, but nobody had aware and a clue about the actual truth of their death. Leena Yadav trying to depict the entire accident in her series which is holding the interest of watchers as they are keen to know the truth of these horrifying deaths.

WATCH: Burari Deaths Viral Video Leaked on Social Media: Viewers Of ‘House Of Secrets’ Issue Trigger Warning

Given the nature of the deaths, the case went on to receive a lot of media attention, authorities have tried their best to keep this under the wraps who were foiled when the video of the crime scene got leaked, so let us find out further about this.

Who Leaked Burari Deaths Video?

On 1st July in the year 2018, a neighbor of the family found them hanging within the house, ten of the members of the family were hanging from an iron grill while the matriarch of the family was in the bedroom, the death has been the cause of strangulation, it has been stated in the show, they were all at equal distance from each other.

There were people who started gathering outside the house to get a glimpse of what is going on inside, police were trying to barricade the area and they were securing the scene, they learned about a new problem at the time, a video of the crime scene was circulating over the internet as it was being passed around on Whatsapp, as per the show the video was about two minutes long.

Around7:30 am, it was already being passed around, one of the journalists who is featuring in the show stated the video is spine-chilling, there were several important details that were known by the general public about the case because of the video. It was stated by the authorities that the bystander recorded the video before they got to the crime scene but they are not sure about the identity of the person.

This has been one of the most intense cases in the history of unsolved deaths and you can know about the whole case from this new documentary which has been released by Netflix.


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