Home News WATCH: Bridgewater Mall Fight Police Officers Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Bridgewater Mall Fight Police Officers Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Bridgewater Mall Fight Police Officers Video Goes Viral On Social Media: On Saturday (19th February 2022), More than 100 demonstrators collected in front of the headquarters of the Bridgewater Police Department to protest the seemingly disparate way officers treated 2 teens, one Black and one with lighter skin, who fought last week at the nearby mall. The fight, which occurred on 12th February at the Bridgewater Commons Mall, was separated when officers took the Black boy to the ground and manacle him, while the lighter-skinned boy was seemingly never cuffed. The video of the entire incident immediately went viral. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bridgewater Mall Fight Police Officers

Bridgewater Mall Fight Police Officers

Whereas officers stared on from inside the municipal building, those in attendance at the rally stood in solidarity with the Black teenager, Kye, and demanded more from the Bridgewater Police Department, from the criminal justice system, from society, and from the state government. “Now you know what systematic racism seems like,” stated Steve Young, president of the South Jersey chapter of the National Action Network, the organization directed by Rev. AI Sharpton.

The rally, managed by the Newark-based activist group People’s Organisation for Progress, included the comments of Enrie Simms, the aunt of Kye. She explained her nephew as too shy to order for himself at Chipotle and stated she refers to him as “my little twin, as he is just like me.” She stated Kye, an 8th-grade student “stood up to a bully” at the mall to defend a 7th-grade student from high school pupils.

Bridgewater Mall Fight Police Officers Video

Simms stated that “He did exactly what we all taught him to do, and he was met with not one but 2 knees in his back. Is not he an example of how we teach our children to act? We have all gone through programs for anti-bullying, to stand-up no matter what.”

She further added that “There is so much going on in this country, so many demises, I am not going to wait for my nephew to die to stand up for him.”

The other teenager from the 8th, Joseph who is of Hispanic and Middle Eastern descent and who spoke to NJ Advance Media, stated he heard a group of children was planning to “jump” another child and sought to stop it. He stated he confronted the 7th grader, one of the friends of Kye, and Kye stepped in. The duo exchanged words each stating they could beat the other up, prior to breaking into a physical brawl. NJ Advance Media is recognizing the teens only by their first names as they are juveniles.

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