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WATCH: Brennan Stack Video Attacked Two Women In Perth Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Brennan Stack Video Attacked Two Women In Perth Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and, YouTube: A horrifying collision took place recently in Perth, and immediately, it became the headlines everywhere. Yes, you read it right and we are talking about a Footy Star and his accomplice who reportedly attacked a young woman after a terrible car park collision. After the incident, the police got involved in this matter. Also, a well-known cop described it as the most horrific attack he has seen ever. This news has been surfacing all over the internet at this moment. There are people who are trying to find out the whole scenario of the incident. Here, you will get all information about the attack. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brennan Stack Arrested

Brennan Stack Video

According to the reports, a former Western Bulldogs player and his mate are facing legal charges over reportedly attacking two women. The player who has been identified as Brennan Stack and played 21 games for the Bulldogs, along with his associate Shai Anthony Martin were produced in the Northbridge Magistrates Court on Saturday after being accused of harassing the victims, leaving them with severe injuries and head injuries. The news of the incident went viral immediately on social media platforms. The matter has gained immense attention from people who have been reacting to this news.


Brennan Stack Attacked Two Women In Perth Video

The vicious attack was described by a senior police officer as the most brutal and violent he had seen ever in more than 20 years in the force. The entire incident was captured on camera by one of the witnesses and also on nearby CCTV. Martin and Stack reportedly started beating up the women, both aged 24, after their vehicle doors bashed into each other in Perth on Saturday night. Both parties which were involved in this incident were not known to each other.

Brennan Stack Attacked Arrested

Brennan Stack Arrested: In court, it was revealed that Stack aged 33 reportedly began harassing the women by punching one of them in the head until she fell down. Marting aged 25 also got involved and dragged the woman by the hair for five meters ahead of punching and kicking her head and back, prosecutors reported. It was also said in court that one of the women’s necks snapped back after one kick to the head. And when her friend tried to save her and the attackers attacked her head thrice, knocking her out. The footage was also played in court. The results of the case are still yet to come. If we will get any details about the incident, we will let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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