Home News WATCH: Boris Johnson Birthday Party Photos and Videos Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Boris Johnson Birthday Party Photos and Videos Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Boris Johnson Birthday Party Photos and Videos Viral On Social Media: As per the latest report, A Downing Street spokesman has asserted the prime minister was discovered to be in breach of Covid restrictions on the 19th of June, 2020 when indoor socializing with individuals from other households was banned. Boris Johnson was there for only 9 minutes and a birthday cake brought by an assistant did not even leave its Tupperware box. But in the spite of this, the Prime Minister was last night fending off calls for his step down after being released with a fine for attending this surprise birthday gathering. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Boris Johnson Birthday Party

Boris Johnson Birthday Party

The extemporaneous celebration on 19th June 2020 to commemorate his 56th birthday was attended by his then-fiancee, Carrie Symonds, who reached carrying their 7-week-old son Wilfred in her arms. In the month of January, the disclosure of a “birthday party” for the Prime Minister rocked Westminster as at the time of the party, the British individuals had been informed they could not attend indoor meetings or gatherings.

But far from it being a discordant occasion, sources assert the Prime Minister used the short gathering in the Cabinet room as a chance to eat a quick salad for lunch at the time of the day on which he chaired 8 meetings. Sources say that the Prime Minister probably was not even aware that a birthday cake, brought by a special advisor, sat sealed inside a Tupperware box.

Boris Johnson Birthday Party Photos and Videos

Mr. Johnson who only 2 months prior had been in hospital where he had closely died from COVID is stated to have stood for the entire 9 minutes, prior to being whisked off for a meeting about the lethal pandemic. One report asserted that Scotland Yard had a photo of the Prime Minister carrying a can of beer. But one source stated: “There was a suggestion of a new four-pack. I can not recall if that is true or not. I certainly do not remember anybody actually having a drink or not.”

The day of PM had begun with a personal training session soon after 07:00 AM, prior to attending his first meeting with senior staff at 09:05 AM. Briefly, after 10:00 AM, he start out for a visit to Bovingdon Primary School in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, where he met up with Gavin Williamson, the then Education Secretary. As part of the visit, Mr. Johnson was seen social distancing with students in the playground and washing hands with 6 youngsters to view how to stay safe at the time of the Covid pandemic.

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