Home Entertainment WATCH: Blac Chyna Miami Airport Rant Video Goes Viral Trolled By Twitter

WATCH: Blac Chyna Miami Airport Rant Video Goes Viral Trolled By Twitter


WATCH: Blac Chyna Miami Airport Rant Video Goes Viral Trolled By Twitter: There has been an incident which has occurred on 10th October on Sunday, Blac Chyna was caught on the video at the Miami International Airport, she was ranting about vaccination, the behavior of the celeb got directed towards a fan who was asking for a picture, she was surrounded by her bodyguards at the time. She had a total meltdown at the airport, she was yelling and screaming. She was yelling “Go get fucking vaccinated and stop being a stupid hoe”, this is what she was saying to one of the travelers. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Miami Airport Rant Video

The video has been captured by TMZ and it has been reposted by many internet users, it has been stated sources who were at the airport that there was a woman with a baby who asked her for a picture which made her ballistic for some reason and she started yelling and screaming on the woman.

The hair of the star was dyed blue and she donned a colorful coat having sunglasses during a heated airport exchange, it has been confirmed by the police that there have been no calls that have been made in connection with the incident. The video is featuring a 33-year-old cruising at the fan as the onlookers can do nothing but stare at her.

The full name of the reality star is Angela Renee White who is also heard saying that she is from Washington DC but as of now it is unclear as to why she brought this up, there is not much clear as of this point in time between the fan and the celeb, the fan who got yelled has not posted any statement or revelation video on the social media as of yet.

Fans React To Star’s Meltdown

The celebrity must have thought that she was in the right to yell like that but fans think differently, many of the users were quick to mock the star despite people not knowing about the full story which took place at the airport which made her rattled up and thus she spoke irrationally and the situation got out of control.

She has recently addressed a popular misconception which is among the fans, people think she does everything for money but she replied to the people stating neither of her children’s fathers is on child support, she also stated about her being mean which is the common thinking of the fans, she stated she is mean to those who try to mess with her.





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