Home Entertainment WATCH: Betty White Death Metal SNL Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Betty White Death Metal SNL Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Betty White Death Metal SNL Video Goes Viral On Social Media: The last day of the last year was quite disappointing it take away the pretty soul of Betty White from us. The last year was full of ups and downs and it felt on the last day of the year as Betty White was inched closer to her hundredth birthday but unluckily she passed away at the age of 99 on 31st December. She lived an amazing life in her span and lived many stand-out moments. In this writing, you will witness Betty White’s experiences throughout her life so be sticky till the last word of the article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Betty White

Betty White Death Metal SNL Video

After the demise of our beloved Betty White, we are just able to recall her moments which she enjoyed and make us happy with her acting skills. One of our favorite moments is when Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live in 2010 on the weekend of Mother’s Day. The SNL cast Fred Armisen’s Thank You For Being a Friend sang from The Golden Girls of White’s groundbreaking sitcom. In a performance with Andy Samberg, Betty White thanked him in the middle of the skit for their appreciated performance but in the mosh pit violence occurred by headbangers, and then she said Happy Mother’s Day, motherfucker in the end.

In 99 years long journey Betty White married three times. In 1914 she was born on 17th January. Firstly she married a fighter pilot named Dick Barker in 1945. White was best known for her acting and comedy career but she also remained a volunteer in American Women’s Voluntary Service according to the sources of Amo Mama. She worked in the organization as a truck driver whose work was to supply to the American soldiers. And The List reported that she asked that the forum that her service at the time of war was so strange period and out of control with everything.

As we have told you above that Betty White was married thrice and her first man was Dick Baker, the second was Lane Allen, and her last husband was a popular host of a game show whose name was Allen Ludden. And after the death of the third husband Allen Ludden she publicly said in showing love towards him that when you have the best then who wants the rest? Betty White also regretted her past two marriages with Dick Barker and Allen Ludden and remarked the past two marriages as her fault and did not marry the right person.

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