Home News WATCH: Benjamin Ledig Coran Video Goes Viral On TikTok, Twitter, And, Youtube

WATCH: Benjamin Ledig Coran Video Goes Viral On TikTok, Twitter, And, Youtube


WATCH: Benjamin Ledig Coran Video Goes Viral On TikTok, Twitter, And, Youtube: Benjamin is a TikTok user and nowadays he is getting more and more attention all over the world, not because he did something unbeatable social media performance but he is in limelight because of his given speech on social media. He is Well Known on TikTok. he started to post little dance videos and clips on TikTok that were also seen once on the Chinese Platform. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Benjamin Ledig Coran Video

Benjamin Ledig Coran Video

But he got limelight because he posted a video in which he was turned around at church in February. because since he has made waves again the religious facts, from that time to present he has got many threats of his death. since Benjamin Ledig has made waves, quickly becoming the target of death. Almost every day he is getting treats for his family.  But that this all happened he could not stop him and he decided to attack Muslim Community. First, he asked to visit a mosque, then he launched a series of provocations against Muslims. whenever he gave this statement, a particular man try to kill him.


Benjamin Ledig Coran Video Explained

In the viral video, Benjamin squirms in a church, and after that, he is looking for a mosque. he danced a surah from the Koran. It has become now a religious topic that goes viral every minute. Some people are saying he should react like this. He is not tending on TikTok only but his video is going viral on all social media platforms. He has fans, who are supporting him. But some sad, It is not a big issue. Everyone has their own relation and Everyone can pretend to be normal in any way.

Some social media users are sad, when this world is facing the consequences of the War,  why are people reacting against the wall in a hard time. People should suggest the idea to solve the War situation worldwide. Many Students are Stocks within the borders of European countries. Everyday citizens had to sacrifice their lives and their relatives.


The final provocation against another monotheistic religion has resounded on social media. After Magali Berdan, many bloggers and netizens were outraged and called on soon as possible Many users are said, Do not enter the mosque. Do not enter the mosque. Do not move. he himself knows very well he cannot go to the mosque to do that, that students will be invocable pic twitter.com/nlBtO340PP5.

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