Home News WATCH: Awkwafina Blaccent Videos goes viral on social media

WATCH: Awkwafina Blaccent Videos goes viral on social media


WATCH: Awkwafina Blaccent Videos goes viral on social media: The winner of Golden Globe, Awkwafina finally addressed the criticism of her use of “blaccent” and declared that she is retiring from “the ingrown toenail that is Twitter.” There were a shout two weeks back over her “Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance” nomination for an NAACP Image Award, which historically honors black performers. Awkwafina whose actual name is Nora Lum was nominated for her work as Sisudatu, or Sisu the dragon, in the Dinsey animated movie titled “Raya And The Last Dragon.” The actress also comes into big trouble over the years for using a “blaccent” when depicting most of her characters in Television shows and films that have direct to her rise in Hollywood. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Awkwafina Blaccent Videos

Awkwafina Blaccent Videos

Awkwafina (33-years-old) discovered fame in the year 2012 after her music video for “My Vag” became viral on YouTube, and she has since been alleged of cultural appropriation for use of a “blaccent” in her earlier online career as a rapper and in comedic roles such as in the movie Ocean’s Eight and Crazy Rich Asians. The netizens are keen to know the meaning of blaccent which is highly used by the 33-years-old actress.


What Is Blaccent?

The world Blaccent is explained as a combination of two words “black” and “accent” and is when a non-black person mimicsblack English. The comedian and actress took to social media account on Saturday, 5th February 2022, and released a statement about her use of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) which is also referred to as “blaccent” over the years.

The Statement Released By Awkwafina 

In her issued statement, Awkwafina wrote that “as a non-Black POC, I stand by the fact that I will always listen and work exhaustly to comprehend the history and context of AAVE, what is believed appropriate or backward toward the progress of EVERY and ANY marginalized group.”

The actress and comedian also drew negative attention for a 2017 VICE interview where she stated that “I have walked out of auditions where the casting director all of a sudden changed her mind and asked for accents. I denied to do accents and I think like-so far, like a lot of the parts I have gone out for have been a really real character, and being an Asian is not part of their story.”

Awkwafina actress has starred in successful movies such as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. She was born to a Chinese-American father and her mother is Korean she was brought up in Forest Hills, Queens. In the month of September 2021, the actress offered a brief response when she was asked about her use of AAVE and a blaccent in an interview that she gave to Reuters Showbiz.

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