WATCH: Atlanta Lamborghini Death Fight Video Leaked CCTV Footage: There has been a sad demise of a woman who got ejected from a Lamborghini vehicle in Atlanta in Georgia, as of now it is not at all clear whether she jumped or got pushed out of the luxury car, she has been identified as Catherine Khan. There is a video that can be found easily on the internet. Follow Updates on

Atlanta Lamborghini Death Fight Video

Atlanta Lamborghini Death Fight Video

It appears there was a fight before the death of the woman, it is not clear as to how much time gap was there between the fight and her death, it has not been released by the authorities as of yet as to what they really think about the woman who got “thrown out” of the Lamborghini, has she jumped or did she fell out, it is still being investigated by the authorities as of this point in time.

The video got published on the Twitter page, her death is under investigation and there has been no arrest until now, there is a Facebook page that has been created in her honor and in her memory, in the Facebook page, it was mentioned that she used to work as a bartender.

Watch Atlanta Lamborghini Death Fight Video

Noor Khan stated to Fox 5 Atlanta, her daughter had a good heart and she was a very good soul, the police have released audio from the scene, “someone has been thrown out of the car” a  911 caller claimed although the authorities are still investigating if she was thrown out or did she jump off.

In the video, you are going to be seeing a Lamborghini parked outside the arguing ensues, there are two women who are being seen in the video, one was shouts at a person off-camera and the second one is trying to console her, she is standing inside the Lamborghini at that point in time, two men walked up to her and the woman is still screaming at someone who is off-camera.

Woman Standing Inside the Lamborghini Yelling & Upset


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This is to remind our users, this is a piece of preliminary information and there could be changes as the investigation is going to head-on, Khan was a 28-year-old woman who had her whole life in front of her but unfortunately, she has died due to avoidable circumstances, there are going to be further revelations in the case as we enter the coming days and weeks, we will keep you updated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.


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