Home News WATCH: Akatsi Police Brutality Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Akatsi Police Brutality Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Akatsi Police Brutality Video Goes Viral On Social Media: As per the sources, an operation by the cops to keep sanity in Aktasi has resulted in the demise of 3 persons in the Akatsi South Municipality. A police riot is said to have rammed into 3 youths on a motorcycle directing to the demise of one of them. This was at the time of the hot chase by the cops, after suspecting them to be perpetrators of recent looting. Hamza Adamu was also claimed to have been assassinated by live bullets from cops’ guns at the time of the clash between the youth and the cops on Sunday. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Akatsi Police Brutality

Akatsi Police Brutality

The youth was stated to have gone rampaging in protest of the claimed engagement of the Police in the demise of the young man on the previous day. Etornam Avulekpe, who was buried last month, is claimed to have also passed away from the brutality of the police. As per a Facebook user named Selorm Ameza, the cops on Saturday, 9th of April 2022, gave the three men a hot chase who they believed were connected to a recent robbery incident.

Akatsi Police Brutality Video

The guys thought they were being chased for an overloading offence sped off. As per the user of Facebook, “the Police rammed into the 3 guys on a motorcycle with their Riot Control Van. They actually smashed the men on the motorbike with their van onto the guard reels used to barricade the side of the road.” After the incident was reported on the internet it starts making around on the web and netizens showed their fury and asked the Ghana Police service to take action against them.

When the cops were contacted, they asserted the incident pointing out “men are on the ground to maintain order. Information will be communicated to you in due time.” Military personnel has been deployed to the area to aid maintain law and order and prevent the situation from escalating. An eyewitness informed the media that the youth were protesting the demise of one Etornam following alleged police brutality last month.

He stated persons on motorcycles have constantly been harassed by cops in the municipality. Remembering an incident a few months ago, he observed that cops in the Akatsi District brutalized a young man after he was alleged to have stolen: the accused later passed away, resulting in a misunderstanding between the cops and the youth.

The eyewitness said, “On Friday night, the cops used their car to hit one of the youth around 11:00 PM and when they sent him to the district hospital, the person passed away. This morning, the youth went to the police station to take the motorcycle and the cops began fighting with the guys. They shot 2 of them who have been taken to hospital for the treatment.”

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