Home Entertainment WATCH: Aamir Liaquat Wife Syeda Tuba Video Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Aamir Liaquat Wife Syeda Tuba Video Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Aamir Liaquat Wife Syeda Tuba Video Viral On Social Media: So the confusion among the fans of the Aamir Liaquat we are here to confirm whether he is still with his wife or they are actually getting divorced. The fans of them are in this confusion and the answer to your confusion is going to be unveiled in the article below. This question is creating a buzz and also circulating on the social media platform. So without further ado let’s know how all these happen and when does it happen. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Aamir Liaquat Wife Tuba

Aamir Liaquat Wife Syeda Tuba Video

So recently the wife of Aamir has been changed her name on Instagram from Sayeda Tuba Aamir to Sayeda Tuba Anwar. And she even unfollowed him on her Instagram account. But he still use to follow her. And after this, their fans accumulate that they are separated and not living with each h other anymore. But recently he posted a video of her wife on which she is seen crying for her cat Bella as she lost her. And then he also wrote a caption in a video “she is still my wife.”

He also explains to his fans the reason behind changing the name of her wife on his Instagram account. He wrote, “I am so happy with the action of my wife that she adopted my theory as I don’t want her to change her name after the marriage. And her after is love ing to her and he is such a gentleman.” He also mentions that his wife is professional and hardworking and her name is her choice. She has the right to change her name or not to change. It’s complete;y her choice and I support her for this. She is also going to play the main lead in one of the most liked tv serials along with Shahroz Sabwari.

She also posted pictures of herself with her co-actor on Instagram and also unveiled her character in the tv serial. This isn’t her feet serail she is also seen in numerous serials and her characters were highly appreciated by her fans and followers. You may go and check her Instagram with the handle @syedatubaamir and she has 323k followers. Her feed is attractive and jammed up with her pictures. Her fans are congratulating her for her new upcoming serial. And they are so excited to enjoy her character. And they are still living together so their separation was just a rumor.

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