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WATCH: 22.3 Open CrossFit Workout Standards Video Explained


WATCH: 22.3 Open CrossFit Workout Standards Video Explained: Kristin Holte, a retired teacher, recently completed Cross Fit Open program 22.1 at Cross File Oslo in Norway, completing 12 rounds and 372 total reps. She is now number one on the global individual women’s leaderboard at the time of publication. I haven’t altered my mind about retirement, so it will finish with The Open, but I am still happy to be a small part of it this season,” Holte wrote in a post last week. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

22.3 Open CrossFit Workout Standards

22.3 Open CrossFit Workout Standards

She was the first woman who do this exercise at this age. Otherwise, if someone tries to do it at this age then it will be difficult for him. Because no one has thought to try to do it. It was very very difficult to do 12 rounds with 372 reps. At her age, it is impossible that no one will do it. But she was a different kind of personality. She is totally different. Once she chose it then he will do it. She is the first on the worldwide individual women’s leaderboard who tries to do. Exercise is the most important thing but doing it on a regular basis was more difficult and consistently doing it was much more difficult. People who did it that were good, people who do it on a regular basis were very good.

22.3 Open CrossFit Workout Standards Details

In CrossFit, there are some procedures that have to follow up. The procedures are:

  • 21 pull-ups
  • 42 double unders
  • 21 thrusters (weight 1)
  • 18 chest to bar pull-ups
  • 36 double unders
  • 18 thrusters (weight 2)
  • 15 bar muscle-ups
  • 30 double unders
  • 15 thrusters (weight3)
  • For Females: 65 lb, then 75 lb, then 85 lb
  • For Male: 95 lb, then 115 lb, then 135 lb

She follows these procedures and follows up on daily basis. But it was not easy for everyone. Some will do it, some will not. This is only for those who want to go to a bodybuilding show and those who have to have the main mission to build their body. You can see in the photo how strong she became by doing it on a daily basis. Now her muscles and her arms became so strong, that it was difficult to become ill. Now her body was going to the next level which is hard to get it. If someone tries to reach that level, then she has to endure pain for a long period of time. If he/she endure it, then you get the body otherwise it is impossible to get it.

22.3 Open CrossFit Workout Video Explained

We are in ‘2022 and it is necessary for us to keep ourselves fit and healthy. So let us guys tell you that being fit is not so difficult you just have to add some healthy food items to your diets and also to follow workouts. We know that people these days are so busy in their life and they couldn’t get enough time to be taking care of themselves but if you want to look attractive and beautiful you must have to keep yourself active and follow your exercise, diet charts, and more.

Everyone wants to look great but for this, you need to be heard work and more. If you go anywhere the first people will hug you with your looks and for this all you need to be look fit. Well, some are facing lots of issues in their health and these are due to their imbalanced diet and unhealthy eating habits. Other than this, late night sleeping or taking sleep less than 8 hours, using phones, ignoring exercise, and more. So this is so clear you must have to be disciplined if you really wanted to look as beautiful as you actually are.

So we have been bringing a video for all those who are serious about their fitness. Crossfit opened 22.3 shared a video on their Youtube channel n which you guys can see Kristin Holte is working out, and it will be helpful for you to start your fitness journey. This video is 5 minutes long, in which she can be seen working out with full dedication. She has seen doing a none stop five-minute CrossFit on which she added multiple exercises.

While her coach is helping her to give counts to her repetitions.  At the end of the second round, she is in the sweat and then she moves to the round with the same activeness and dedication that she had n her first round. Others at the same place are cheering her up and she is actually nailed it. It will be fun and motivating to watch her in a video.

Stay tuned to get more updates on the same.

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