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Was Una Stubbs Married And Did She Have Any Children?


There has been a sad demise of Una Stubbs who has passed away at the age of 84 and it seems like the whole world is mourning after her death. She had a spectacular career that lasted for 60 years which includes stints in East Enders and Waorzel Grummidge. It has been stated by her agent, all of them are desperately sad to have lost such a wonderful soul, her screen and stage career was of 50 years which is a phenomenal achievement in itself.

Una Stubbs

Was Una Stubbs Married

She has been incredible in the roles she has played, her memorable performance in West End, Donmar Warehouse, Sheffield Crucible, she was also pretty funny, gracious, grateful and one of the most kind-hearted people. she was one of the most respected and exhibited artists. It has been stated in the reports, she was ill for a while now and she passed away as all of her family was there for her in her ending times.

Who is Una Stubbs Husband?

She became a household name as she started off her career as the cover girl for Dairy box chocolates when we talk about the late 1950s, after many stints in theatre, she became part of Lionel Blair’s troupe of dancers, and then she landed a role in the iconic movie of Cliff Richard naming Summer Holiday. then she went on to appear in the classic sitcom naming ’till death do us part’ which in which she played the daughter of Alf Garnett, she followed it up playing iconic roles such as Aunt Sally in the original movie Worzel Grummidge in the 1980s.

Una Stubbs Have Any Children?

Throughout her life, she got married twice, if we talk about the year 1958 to 1959, she was the wife of Peter Gilmore and they adopted a son naming Jason, then in the year 1969, she married Nicky Henson and they had two sons together and they named them Joe and Christian. they got a divorce in the year 1975 but remained pretty close, Nicky also passed away in the year 2019 and she also has two siblings.

She was one of the most iconic actresses in the industry, she has been an inspiration for many and her demise has been despair for many, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the lost soul.

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