Home News Was Lewis Hamilton Robbed in Abu Dhabi? CCTV Video Footage Explained

Was Lewis Hamilton Robbed in Abu Dhabi? CCTV Video Footage Explained


Was Lewis Hamilton Robbed in Abu Dhabi? CCTV Video Footage Explained: We are going to be talking about F1 in the article, this has been one of the most entertaining and one of the most controversial seasons of all time, the craze for this year was immense as the two titans of the sport Max Verstappen who drives Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton who represents Mercedez, they both have been phenomenal this season. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lewis Hamilton Robbed

Was Lewis Hamilton Robbed in Abu Dhabi?

The last race of the season was the perfect blend of drama and a beautiful storyline which made Verstappen come out on top, They both have put on a show every now and then, for many this has been the most exciting season of F1, they were edge to edge for the whole and both of them continued the theme as they met in Abu Dabhi yesterday, it was total drama at the end of the race which was the decisive time of the race.

The safety car was ahead of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as they were desperate to win the championship, all the races, all the hard work, all the practice sessions and it came down to the last lap, the advantage was with Max as he was on soft fresh tires at the end, Lewis was driving on the same tires for some laps now.

Lewis Hamilton Robbed

The Mercedez team is not at all happy as to what has happened in the race, it has been stated by George Russell that he gets on pretty well with Max Verstappen, he has called out the FIA, he has said that they have been incomprehensible when it comes to the race control at the Yas Marina Circuit.

It has to be said that in the end, Hamilton was clearly at a disadvantage as he was not running on fresh tires, unlike Max Verstappen who jumped overlapped the cars as the FIA decided, the issue here is that FIA has been under scrutiny for most of the season, there have been many controversies this season but this is going to be the talking point as this was the last race and it went in the favor of the Dutchman Max Verstappen.

FIA is being criticized by many and Mercedez even presented with a case that has been already denied by the authorities, the truth of the matter is, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has given us one of the most memorable seasons of all time, they both are elites in the group of elites, this has been the most entertaining F1 season of all time.

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