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Was John “Rocky” Regan Arrested For Donna Palomba Assault? Revealed


Was John “Rocky” Regan Arrested For Donna Palomba Assault? Revealed: John Regan is a famous name in the crime world as he is a convicted sex offender and rapist and many other charges like the high degrees of kidnapping, raping women, and assault has been put against his name. And a wave of John Regan’s crime for assaulting Donna Palomba was flowing on social media but it was not true as he was never charged or arrested for assaulting Donna Palomba. Citizens and netizens are getting curious to study the background of this news. Read this article, here you will find out about John Regan’s previous crimes and where he is now? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John “Rocky” Regan

Was John “Rocky” Regan Arrested?

Once in the 1990s, he was charged for raping one of his friend’s wives forcefully and that incident changed the life of his friend’s family, NBC also covered this news on its dateline. One big question was raised Was John Regan arrested for assaulting Donna Palomba? its answer is no, it not true. John Regan did not assault and rape Donna Palomba but he was in detention for other crimes and Donna asked her assaulter that he will remain in detention for the next 3 years. Donna was tortured physically and mentally in that case for many years but she did not speak on this and became accused of hiding her relation in a sexual offense as she tried to talk about the sexual offense as Janne Doe.

Is John “Rocky” Regan Assaulted Donna Palomba?

Regardless, now she has named herself Jane Doe and come out to speak on her mental stress and trauma publicly for women to come out strong and in order to change society and the life of women, she started ‘Jane Doe No More’ organization. Donna claimed that John Regan and her husband were friends at that time and one night John came to her house when no one was in the house and warned her not to utter a word to anyone. And he covered himself very well with gloves, a face mask, and altered voice and in last he raped her.


John Rocky Regan is now behind the bars but not for assaulting Donna but for other several criminal charges against him. In 2017 Court decided to extend his tenure of serving in prison for his heinous acts in the custody. In 2005 he abandoned a minor runner from Saratoga Springs High School but he was never charged for assaulting Donna Palomba. For now, that’s all we have on John Regan’s cases.

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