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Walter Hamada: Movie Exec Lays Bare Amber Heard’s ‘Lack Of Chemistry’


Walter Hamada: Movie Exec Lays Bare Amber Heard’s ‘Lack Of Chemistry’: Recently the court proceedings of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife amber herd took a huge turn and this news busted on the internet fans and news seekers looking for the detail so here is what u are looking for the court denied amber heard a 100 million defamation plea after testifying the Aquaman movie star Walter Hamada from bros pictures, as amber heard and hamada were starred in the movie Aquaman. Walter Hamada says it took a lot to build the chemistry with amber heard which they are trying to avoid further, also adding that they are looking for some better face who can be the part of Aquaman 2 sequel by DC-based production house bros pictures, Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Walter Hamada

Who Is Walter Hamada?

Tuesday, May 24, Walter Hamada, president of warner bros pictures’ DC-based film production, testified that what influenced Johnny Depp’s compensation from amber heard, hamada said it took weeks to make chemistry with hards and which lead to the delay of the movie Aquaman 2 so the had to wrap the film, he said they were able to create chemistry in the movie but it took a lot of efforts which is a matter of tension, he confirmed that they are looking for someone better for the role against hamada in movie Aquaman 2.

When hamada was questioned by Bredehoft about how he managed chemistry with her hamada respond that it took a lot of effort but taking the right shorts made it possible, he also added that the background music, camera angle, editing team, and sound cast made it possible,  he explained that they did it by the help of post-production team where we fix the chemistry lacking scenes.

He also included that they can increase her amount of paying from 2millio for Aquaman to 6 million for the sequel Aquaman 2 but right now they are not considering her playing in Aquaman 2. hamada refused to hear accusations to bros pictures for reducing her screen time which includes a very superb fight scene of her which can give her a great hype in the audience that is edited from the film and hamadas screen time is all around the film which reduced her appearance, in counter to that hamada said her involvement with the role is what is considered the most during editing and presenting they picked the most relevant scenes where she is looking mostly involved with the role and this puts questions overheads acting skills. and after this testimony and a tight exchange of arguments, the judge of Johnny Depp and amber heard the case of 100 million compensation is denied striking amber heard hard.

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