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Vladimir Putin signs law that bans crypto prohibiting the use of digital assets


Vladimir Putin signs law that bans crypto prohibiting the use of digital assets: Recently there is news from the cryptocurrency market as this currency is in the NEWS market for various news various reasons now it is going to face another big issue from the world’s largest country Russia as crypto is recently introduce a new form of currency for the exchange of goods and values it is said that the future currency is the cryptocurrency and other solid currencies will not be effective any more cryptocurrency market is facing a downward graph moment in recent times because of the inflation which hit the crypto market the most because of the crypto market still or not very stable market in terms of economy but the companies and crypto regulators promise a future in the crypto market and trying to make it a stable economic sector but till now it is facing a lot of dangers and theft issues as recently Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned cryptocurrency for digital payments. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed two law contracts that were made to enforce the ban on the digital currency, the new law is avoiding the digital currency from its authority of having a payment in terms of crypto and digital assets for payment will not be effective under the new law digital assets and rights or no longer be in practice for acceptance monitory surrogates like the exchange for value, exchange for money, making payments in terms of crypto coin, et cetera beer for this crypto coins are of no use for the subjects like paying for goods and services,. Other monitory online digital units are also banned.

Adding to that reaffirming the ruble’s place as the only official acceptable currency for the Russian and Russian economic federation the action comes after the Russian government has faced many issues with the cryptocurrency like data breach leak of personal and professional information Data to the NATO countries as Russia is facing a problem with NATO countries and also having a Ukraine invasion proactively. Which makes Russia oppose any kind of products or services provided by the NATO countries being stopped from practice.

After the Russian government and the Russian central banks have a long discussion and debate over this measure event about banning cryptocurrency this law is now a legal and constitutional part of Russia as the Russian government has published this on the Russian parliament website and translated by the Google translator so that anyone can understand the terms and conditions of this law it is prohibited to transfer or accept any kind of digital money like cryptocurrency or some other aspect of digital currency type will not be considered as a transferable that will perform a job like transferred goods performed works rendered services and many other. It will also not allow its user to have any cryptocurrency in their account.

As for now, compliance will be monitored by the business liable and the government regulations to ensure the holding of exchange or national payment system violations in any kind of transaction through crypto and security bank in digital assets may also be terminated from their services after holding assets of such kind back in January.

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