The popular television host who used to do hosting in the 90s and when we talk about early 2000, Ananda Kannan who was 40 years old has passed away, his death has been a sudden demise of many and many of the people are in total shock. he was one of the most known faces of the Tamil industry, there are condolences messaged which are being poured in on the internet for the guy as he was the face of a small screen at some point in time.

VJ Anandha Kannan Death Reason

VJ Anandha Kannan Death Reason

It is being stated, the Tv personality has died because of cancer as he fought hard but wasn’t able to beat it, his death has been a total shock for many as he was just 48 years old and had so much life ahead him. He had a huge fan base when we talk about the 90s, he had unique skills when it comes to hosting, there were many of his shows which have impressed the audience time and again, he has also been the part of many shows, it is being stated, the popular personality died last night due to the complications which he was facing in cancer.

VJ Anandha Kannan Passed Away

After this news was shared, Venkat Prabhu who is a well-known director in the industry stated, a great human and a great friend is no more with us as he presented with his deepest condolences. he was one of the most famous faces in the industry and has been known to be someone who has always helped youngsters who have asked for his assistance, he was someone who has always shared his knowledge and art with the people who have been trying to pursue becoming a host and handling big events.

He was a complete entertainer and he has had his prime years in the industry when he was entertaining people in the 90s and early 2000. It seems like his death has turned out to be a big shock for many, many of the people who used to watch him in the 90s and early 2000, they know how much popularity he gained in those times, after hearing the news, so many people have come out with their nostalgic moments about the shows which he used to be a part of. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.


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