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Virgin River Season 3 Hope: Why Hope Is Missing From Virgin River Season 3?


The popular web series “Virgin River” drops its 3rd season on the popular streaming platform Netflix on 9th July 2021 which successfully grabs the attention of the viewers. The fans missed their favorite character Hope who is the waspish, passionately loyal mayor of Virgin River town and fiancee of the character Doc Mullins as she is absent from the series and the fans are keenly waiting to know the reason for this. Whereas the fans see Hope through a live stream and her appearance is very much anticipated in storylines, she is not present in person once throughout the 3rd season-unlike her husband on-screen, character Doc,  who is actually present in each episode.

Virgin River Season 3 Hope

Virgin River Season 3 Hope

The admirers are wondering: Is she is going to leave the series? Hell, or she has already left the show? So the guys there is good news that she has not left the show actually Annette O’Toole was not able to catch the flight to Vancouver for the shooting of the 3rd season, which means she is still a part of this series. Sue Tenney the showrunner, told the news reporter that “We were badly affected by WuhanVirus like other shows as well and it was difficult or almost not possible for Annette to present or join the team for the shooting in Vancouver.

She further added, “Personally, I love the character of Hope and that’s why we got busy writing or making her character alive in the series. ” In a further interview, she said “We have working hard to make alive here character on the show and if we have any 4th season, as now all the entire team is vaccinated and the pandemic is also not that much lethal as it was. So we can hope that soon Annette will join us.”

Spoilers For 3rd Season Of Virgin River

As we said, the character Hope is very much an essential part of the storylines of all three seasons. Firstly, Hope is caught up in a hurricane in order to visit her aunt. Hope and her aunt are completely fine but she is forced to remain live with her aunt for other numerous episodes. The previous episode is set entirely set in the hospital. To know the further story just watch this entire 3rd season on Netflix.

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