Home News Is Vir Das Arrested? Why Twitter Demand YouTuber Vir Das Arrest? Explained

Is Vir Das Arrested? Why Twitter Demand YouTuber Vir Das Arrest? Explained


Is Vir Das Arrested? Why Twitter Demand YouTuber Vir Das Arrest? Explained: It seems like there are many people out there who are the supporters of the right-wing have rushed to the police station and have filed a case against Vir Das for his viral video which is “I come from two Indians”, this has been his latest venture with Delhi, these people are claiming that it has defamed the country and it has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Vir Das Arrested

Is Vir Das Arrested?

The comedian has strongly defended his actions, he has stated one should not be fooled by edited snippets, after the BP legal adviser Ashutosh J Dubey has filed a complaint against the comedian in Mumbai, Delhi BJP spokesperson Aditya Jha has also approached the Delhi Police seeking the arrest of Vir Das.

Dubey has claimed Vir Das has a perverted mindset and he has made a desperate attempt in order to tarnish the image of India at the international level, he further stated he has made derogatory statements against India, Indian women, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Vir Das Viral Video Explained

Vir Das posted on Monday a monologue filmed at the show in Washington’s Kennedy Centre, in the video you are going to be seeing the 42-year-old talking about the actual issues which the country is experiencing in the present, he had said some points about Covid-19, incidents of rapes and the crackdown against the comedians and the farmer’s protest which is still going on just in case anyone forgot.

It seems like rather than solving the issues which are being pointed out by one of the most talented comedians on the planet right now, someone who is actually making some sense, these big legal advisers and politicians are criticizing a person for pointing out the actual issues.

Why Twitter Demand YouTuber Vir Das Arrest?

The government seems to be so butt hurt, the comedian went on an international level and represented India being one of the best comedians in the world as of this point in time and people are proud that he is from India when a citizen complaint about the issues of their country, it doesn’t mean they are ridiculing the country.

A person does it because they want the country to become better, it seems like BJP is consisting of such egotistic politicians who have no care about what he is speaking and where he is coming from but they are just trying to find reasons to put him behind bars as their mindset is showing others what their place is.

He has provided a statement on the social media platform and it clearly shows how proud he is to be an Indian, it is absurd that an Indian who has been representing India on a global level in the comedy scene is being treated like a traitor who is trying to harm the sanity of the country.

The comedian has done nothing wrong, he has just made some harmless jokes to make some people laugh and to give the audiences a good time, and also expose the problems which the country is facing as of this point in time.

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