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VIDEO: Woman Slaps Man At Steelers Game Husband Gets Knocked Out Video Viral


The strike at the Lions and Steelers game did not just go on the field, players got in on the fighting too with an unpleasant scuffle spurred from a lady who tightly slapping a man in the face at Heinz Field. This action was captured in the shocking video and went viral on social media in the video shows the man and woman in some kind of disagreement and the shouting of the woman are clearly heard in the video. She shouts something like, “Keep quiet and shut up and get the f*** out!”. The lady allegedly made contact when calling out because the man asks her “don’t touch me” and strike her hand away.

Woman Slaps Man At Steelers Game Video

Woman Slaps Man At Steelers Game Video

Suddenly, the woman hit hard on his face and slap him, and all hell explodes. Fists fly, and a man who was sitting beside her and apparently someone whom she was familiar with jumps to her protection. The man who has slapped links with both the woman and man and one blow apparently knocks the man out. Fortunately, other admirers at the game subbed prior to things got terrible.

However, it’s still not known yet who started the fight or the whole thing and if any apprehends have been made. In the video, the shouts of the crowd can be heard as they proclaimed “She slapped him! She slapped him in his face.” Then the woman then shouts at the man in the hat to sit down as she looked the man in the white shirt in forepart.

This fight marks the 2nd stupid quarrel amongst admirers in as many weeks a video from Los Angeles last week was viewed as an all-out frenzy at the Rams game. As for the game which is in Pittsburgh, it was the only preseason but the team Steelers defeat the Lions by scoring 26-20 points. After watching this shocking video, many social media users made comments on social media.

One user wrote, “Damn that man knows how to quarrel! He should be brought to bear for MMA this dude got the game.”

Another user wrote, “Slapping a black man on his face. Say it the way it is. That white woman hit him FIRST ON HIS FACE! disgusting and everyone who was sitting there should be ashamed!!!

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  1. Just in this short clip it is clear the white shirt man pushed the woman first and got slapped!
    I would expect that if I pushed a woman.
    She yelled don’t touch me and slapped him.
    Then he started hitting her and the man who stood up hands out to protect her not assault the man in the white shirt. What a man hitting and pushing a woman.
    For those who think this was what the woman and other man deserve think again. If he had not pushed her this would not have happened.
    The white shirt couldn’t claim self defense on this having started by assaulting her first.
    If you think this is appropriate behavior you are what’s wrong in this world.
    Wish there was more video to see how this began. The end is over a the top response which is illegal.

  2. She was clearly wrong. The man in the black shirt paid for the ass kicking She needs to in the future go to games and stop engaging in arguments! The guys woman should have been there to climb across the chairs and beat the crap out of her!!!


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