Home News VIDEO: Woman Falling Off Water Slide 100ft Down Goes Viral Video Explained!

VIDEO: Woman Falling Off Water Slide 100ft Down Goes Viral Video Explained!


One of the most terrific and horrifying incidents has happened in Atlantis Dubai. The video went viral on social media in which a woman is falling down from a waterslide. The video is already sharing by many and millions of people have already watched the video on social media. People are calling the scene “Terrifying”. All the people who have watched the video are shocked after watching that heart-wrenching video. Several people are searching for the incident to know how it happened? In this article, we have brought all the important details for our viewers who are searching for the incident.

Woman Falling Off Water Slide

Woman Falling Off Water Slide Video Viral

Recently, a video is going viral featuring a woman who is falling down more than 100ft from the waterslide. The video is going viral online, if you want to watch it then you can catch it from social media. The video has got millions of views and continuously getting viral. The people are also reacting to this incident. Nata_Lele captured herself taking revenge on Poseidon in the Atlantis Dubai at the Aquaventure Waterpark, sending a first-reaction approach to the video-sharing platform TikTok.


Before turning upside down, the rider drop 101 ft directly down as turns in the 380-foot-long tubes and they cascade through loops, with the reaching speed of 338MP/Hour. The heart-felt video had come out at the July month-end. Till now, the video has been watched by 57 million people. At the time of its upload, the video was captioned, “Would you like to repeat?”

Nata_Lele took her Instagram account to share the video with a long caption in Russia that translates, “My heart almost stopped. It’s a sin not to leave such a video here. Thanks, @aquaventuredubai, really high. I’ve never had such adrenaline. So what do you think? Would you take the risk?”

Now, the guests have already been instructed to keep a safe position when they drop down. The video is receiving millions of views with lots of reactions. The incident was very dangerous and frightening. However, there is not much information is available about the incident and also about the woman who fell from Waterslide. The incident has made the center of attention these days and the mixed reactions of the people are also catching the spotlight. Bookmark our sites to catch all the latest updates.

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