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VIDEO: Wolf Bites Bear In The Butt Leaving Twitter In Hysterics Video Goes Viral


An interesting video went viral on social media which is catching the eyeballs of social media users. In this hilarious video, the users watch that wolf bites bear in the butt and this video has left social media users in hysterics as they shared their reaction to this grotesque scenario online. Discover more hilarious and comic nature footage as we examine more from the photographer who captured the uncanny wildlife moment in the camera! This video is highly watched by social media users and circulating on different social media platforms and creating hype and it is difficult to watch it only once as it is forcing us to watch it again and again.

Yellowstone wolf bites grizzly bear in the butt

Wolf Bites In The Butt of Bear Video

Yes, you are not mistaking, it is truly a video in which a wolf bites the butt of a bear and this moment is captured by a photographer. A Yellowstone National Park tourist, Gary Gaston, shared a footage screenplay into their Yellowstone National park public group on Facebook on Sunday, 5th September 2021.

This one-minute-long video curiously captures a wolf approaching a grizzly bear prior to biting the subspecies on the bottom side. Gary further describes the date and the location of this wildlife footage along with an eye-catching caption:

WATCH THIS WOLF BITE A GRIZZLY. W all were looking at wolves at Crystal Creek which is near Slough Creek (YNP) at dawn when this wolf decided to bite the bear. Crazy wolves, these. Saturday, 4th September 2021.” This hilarious viral video has now reached around 1.1likes along with more than 851 shares and a comment section is full of delight as users are tagging their friends in shock.

Reaction On Twitter After Watching These Hysterics Over Nature Video

On Twitter, the users have continuously shared an article that is published by ForThewin along with their amusing reactions. One more user even set this scene by visualizing the two animals are having an argument prior to the bite incident took place. The Yellowstone wolf was referred to as the typical “jerk in the neighborhood.”

Examine More WildLife Footage

Gary Gaston is described on Facebook as a retired ecologist who is from the University of Mississippi Biology Department. He is from Mobile, Alabama and currently, he lives in Oxford, Mississippi. He usually likes to share nature footage onto his profile sharing his environmental adventures.



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