Home News VIDEO: Who Is Leonid Paktishev? Russian Soldier capture by Ukraine army

VIDEO: Who Is Leonid Paktishev? Russian Soldier capture by Ukraine army


VIDEO: Who Is Leonid Paktishev? Russian Soldier capture by Ukraine army: There was a leaked video that got viral on the internet that A Russian Soldier whose name is Leonid Paktishev was released from Ukraine. Leonid was one of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine and the video of the captured Russian troops has been posted on the Telegram by the Ukrainian officials. Many Ukraine officials have posted several videos on the Telegram channel which states Find Your Own of the captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Leonid Paktishev Video Explained

Volodymyr Zelenskiy who was the Ukraine president nearly about 3500 Russian soldiers got major injuries or some were killed. The soldier’s families got incentives that were given by the government. Come Back Alive from Ukraine is a hotline set up by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense for Russian servicemen’s families. According to the Kyiv Independent, the hotline has been flooded with calls since the invasion began.

Who is Leonid Paktishev?

In one of the videos shared early Sunday morning on Ukraine’s interior ministry’s Telegram account “Find Your Own,” an injured soldier identifies himself as Leonid Paktishev, the chief of a sniper team based in the Rostov region. Paktishev’s identity was confirmed by three family members, who said they were shocked and upset to find that their loved one had been imprisoned after watching the video. Leonid comes from the small town of Mezdhurechenskiy in Western Siberia and also claims that he was the leader of a group that guides them. He controlled, manages, and give direction to them.

Leonid Paktishev Russian Soldier Ukraine Released Captured Men

Ukrainian officials have released dozens of videos of what they believe are detained Russian soldiers, as well as the kidnapped Russian men, as the bloodshed in Ukraine enters its fourth day. The Telegram channel, which went live on Saturday, has published numerous videos and images of detained Russian soldiers, inciting fury among family who says they were shocked to learn of their loved one’s involvement in the invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine has invited relatives of Russian soldiers arrested in the fighting to contact them and express their opposition to their country’s involvement in the conflict.

Leonid Paktishev Family

We can’t fetch any information regarding his family as we tried and go to some online sites and authentic sources but we didn’t find any details regarding his family. As most of his life was kept in private he didn’t disclose with anybody. His wife, his children all are unknown except his sister. His sister name Yelena Polivtseva.

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