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VIDEO: Who Is Alanna Quinn Idris, Ballyfermot Assault Video On Instagram and GoFundMe


VIDEO: Who Is Alanna Quinn Idris, Ballyfermot Assault Video On Instagram and GoFundMe: As we all know about the case of assault on two teenagers who were brutally injured and suffered from some serious injuries. Recently, Gardai have arrested two teenagers and organized searches in relation to the investigation into the harassment of Alanna Quinn Idris and her friend in Ballyfermot. The news of this case has been circulating all over the internet and receiving much attention from people. The netizens have been reacting to it continuously and sharing their thoughts on the matter. There are many people who do not know the whole matter and are searching for the details. So here, we have brought all the information regarding this assault case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Alanna Quinn Idris

Who Is Alanna Quinn Idris?

As per the sources, the teenager victim was being abused verbally, the teenager suffered from breakage of the eyeball, broken cheekbones, and tooth in a deadly attack. The incident happened on a bus from Dublin City Centre to Ballyfermot on 30 December 2021. Although, after coming out of the bus and defending herself against the causeless abusive fight, the teenager was fatally attacked by the assaulters. After the incident, Gardai were reported immediately, and then they conducted extensive searches in the area.


Alanna Quinn Idris

Alanna Quinn Idris Ballyfermot Assault Video

During the investigation, Gardai have arrested two male teenagers. The victim has been identified as Alanna Quinn Idris, 17. She was brutally injured during this attack. The incident took place in Ballyfermot. She suffered from several face injuries in the attack that happened on the night of Thursday. She had a cut with a knife. When Alanna was taken for the surgery, the doctors informed her family that there is a 90% chance that she will lose her right eyesight which could be removed.


Alanna Quinn Idris: GoFundMe, Age and Instagram

After the incident, she was immediately taken to St James’ Hospital but after some time, she was sent to the Dublin Eye and Ear Hospital where she stayed on Monday. The victim’s mother informed on social media about her daughter’s health update. She is thankful to the Irish public for their unconditional support. A GoFundMe page was also created where around $70,000 of funds has been raised since the incident happened. We hope that the girl will be recovered soon. It was a trauma to her and we pray that she will forget everything soon and will move forward in her life. There are no more details have been disclosed about the attackers. We will update our readers soon with further details.


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